Runescape: Vietking96's 500m+ Revenant Drops Collection





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Published on Aug 14, 2012

please watch in 480p!

Drops from Revenants for about a year took some time! TOTAL LOOT=521M

-All loots were solo'd
-Not all my loots were in this video, only most
-I did get 2x VLS and 2x CVLS on double drop weekend
-I got b2b vesta spears and b2b c VLS's


Corrupt dragon battleaxe 8
Corrupt dragon dagger 2
Corrupt dragon longsword 12
Corrupt dragon mace 4
Corrupt dragon scimitar 5
Corrupt dragon spear 5
Statius's warhammer 4
Vesta's longsword 3
Vesta's spear 3
Zuriel's staff 7
Morrigan's javelin 4
Morrigan's throwing axe 1
Corrupt statius's warhammer 1
Corrupt vesta's longsword 6
Corrupt vesta's spear 3
Corrupt zuriel's staff 3
Corrupt morrigan's javelin 3
C. morrigan's throwing axe 3

Corrupt dragon chainbody 8
Corrupt dragon helm 5
Corrupt dragon platelegs 6
Corrupt dragon plateskirt 2
Corrupt dragon sq shield 5
Statius's full helm 3
Statius's platebody 2
Statius's platelegs 6
Vesta's chainbody 5
Vesta's plateskirt 3
Zuriel's hood 2
Zuriel's robe top 2
Zuriel's robe bottom 3
Morrigan's coif 2
Morrigan's leather body 3
Morrigan's leather chaps 2
Corrupt statius's full helm 3
Corrupt statius's platebody 0
Corrupt statius's platelegs 6
Corrupt vesta's chainbody 2
Corrupt vesta's plateskirt 5
Corrupt zuriel's hood 4
Corrupt zuriel's robe top 2
Corrupt zuriel's robe bottom 0
Corrupt morrigan's coif 3
Corrupt morrigan's leather body 4
Corrupt morrigan's leather chaps 3

Brawling gloves (melee) 0
Brawling gloves (magic) 0
Brawling gloves (ranged) 0
Brawling gloves (agility) 0
Brawling gloves (cooking) 0
Brawling gloves (firemaking) 1
Brawling gloves (fishing) 0
Brawling gloves (hunter) 1
Brawling gloves (mining) 0
Brawling gloves (prayer) 0
Brawling gloves (smithing) 0
Brawling gloves (thieving) 0
Brawling gloves (woodcutting) 0

Broken statue headdress 0
Third age carafe 0
Bronzed dragon claw 0
Ancient psaltery bridge 0
Saradomin amphora 0
Bandos scrimshaw 0
Saradomin carving 0
Zamorak medallion 0
Armadyl totem 0
Guthixian brazier 1
Ruby chalice 2
Bandos statuette 1
Saradomin statuette 2
Zamorak statuette 4
Armadyl statuette 3
Seren statuette 1
Ancient statuette 3

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