[Fate Unlimited Codes] Combo Mission Demonstration





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Published on Dec 20, 2008

Or, the reason why you'll never be as good at this game as the CPU.

Shows the combos that have to be done for Bazett, Rider, Sakura, Lancer, Berserker, Saber, Rin, Caster, and Gilgamesh's Lv3 Combo Missions.

Bazett: 6A, 6B, 6C, 236A~B, B, C, 623B, j.214C, 6A, 6B, 6C, 623A, j.A, j.B, j.214A, 46A~C, A+B+C, 236236B, 236236B, 236236A (6468 dmg)

Rider: 646B, 623A, 646B, 623A, 646B, 623A, 646B, 623B, A+B+C, C, 623C, C, 623C, C, 623C, C, 623C, D, 646C, 236236A (5257 dmg)

Sakura: B, 2B, C, 214C, A+B+C, B, 2B, C, 421A, 214B, 236236B (4240 dmg)

Lancer: 214A~C, A+B+C, B, 2C, 6C, j.B, j.C, j.236C, j.B, 2B, 2C, 6C, 6236, D, 2C, 6C, 236C,C,C,C,C,C, 236236A (5007 dmg)

Berserker: 214C, A+B+C, 623C, 214C, D, 2C, 2C, 2C, 2C, 2C, 2C, 2C, 2C, 2C, 623C, 236236B (5759 dmg)

Saber: 236C, 236B, A+B+C, C, 236C, 236C, B, 236B, 236B, A, B, C, 236B, 236B, 236C, 236236A (3738 dmg)

Rin: 6A+B, 623A, j.B, j.236A, j.B, 623A, j.B, j.236A, j.B, 623A, 236236B, 623B, A+B+C, 623A, j.B, j.236A, j.B, 623A, 236C, 236236A (4699 dmg)

Caster: 2B, B, 214A, 2B, B, 2C, 214C, A+B+C, 236236B, 421A, 236236C (4304 dmg)

Gilgamesh: 623C, 22C, C~C, C~C, B, 2B, 2C, 22C, 2B, 2C, 6C, 623B, 22C, 2C~C, A+B+C, C~C, C, j.C, j.236C, j.236236B (5508 dmg)


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