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  1. The Next Generation of Neural Networks

  2. If You Had Everything Computationally Where Would You Put it, Financially?

  3. The Clean Code Talks - "Global State and Singletons"

  4. The Web That Wasn't

  5. Personal Growth Series: Karl Deisseroth on Cracking the Neural Code: Speaking...

  6. Issues and Experiences in Designing Real-time Collaborative Editing Systems

  7. The Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor: What Fusion Wanted To Be

  8. Geppeto: Consumer's Approach to Programming

  9. Think faster focus better and remember moreRewiring our brain to stay younger...

  10. Five Years of Exploring Robotic Telepresence

  11. Be Your Own Therapist

  12. Activity States Framework: A Theoretical Framework for the Analysis of Actual...

  13. People Recognition - A Leapfrog in Organizing Videos

  14. The Neuroscience of Emotions

  15. Wuala - a distributed file system

  16. Aurally and Visually Enhanced Audio Search

  17. Looking at People

  18. Crossover random fields: A practical framework for learning and inference wit...

  19. Logs and Lifeguards: Using Chip Multiprocessors to Help Software Behave Corre...

  20. Working in Space

  21. Device-free Passive Localization for Wireless Environments

  22. Protecting Freedom In The Patent System: The Public Patent Foundation's Missi...

  23. gPXE: Modern FOSS Network Booting

  24. Don't Make Me Click

  25. The Lively Kernel

  26. Dasher: information-efficient text entry

  27. Understanding SVG with Inkscape

  28. Tech Talk: Linus Torvalds on git

  29. LEGO Engineering: From Kindergarten to College

  30. Git

  31. The Secret History of Silicon Valley

  32. Natural Security (A Darwinian Approach to a Dangerous World)

  33. The Poeticon: languages of sensorimotor representations and

  34. Cognitive Technology on a Mobile Platform

  35. Jure LESKOVEC - Research Scientist - Dynamics of real-world networks

  36. Postsingular: A Science-Fictional Vision of What's Next

  37. Sparse codes for natural sounds

  38. Higher Education in the Middle East and the Next Generation of Arab Leaders

  39. Using bluemail to renew the design and study of enterprise email

  40. A Possible Future of Software Development

  41. Radioactive astronauts: images worth a thousand experiments.

  42. All The Information In The World, The Way You Want

  43. Geppeto: Promoting End-users to Gadget Developers

  44. Practical Applications of Natural Language Processing in Assistive Technology

  45. The Antarctica and Apollo Project

  46. Computing for the Future of the Planet - Originally given at the Royal Society

  47. Programming Bits and Atoms

  48. HDR and Color Constancy--New Psychophysical Results

  49. Google I/O 2008 - Gadget and UI Development with AJAX APIs

  50. Google I/O 2008 - Creating a Google Data API Client

  51. Google I/O 2008 - Apache Shindig

  52. Google I/O 2008 - Apache Shindig

  53. Nolan Bushnell: From Atari, Pong, and Chuck E Cheese to the Future of Games a...

  54. Daniel Suarez, author of Daemon

  55. The Extended Mind: Recent Experimental Evidence

  56. "Science and the taboo of psi" with Dean Radin

  57. Simple interactive 3D modeling for all

  58. GAMEFACE : Developing Typefaces for the Xbox 360 and Other Devices

  59. Drop-in JavaScript Performance

  60. Web Hooks and the Programmable World of Tomorrow

  61. The Neuroscience of Emotions

  62. Brains, Meaning and Corpus Statistics

  63. Hands-on Teaching, Designing, and Learning

  64. Social Actions and the Microphilanthropy Movement

  65. The Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience of Categorization, Novelty-Detec...

  66. Using Engineering Principles To Study and Manipulate Biologi

  67. No Time to Think

  68. The Wires that Control the Public Mind


  70. Google Earth, Nine Inch Nails, and Real-time Geo Community

  71. Learning from

  72. ComBots / Robogames

  73. ComBots / Robogames

  74. The Open Web Goes Mobile

  75. Copyright regime vs. civil liberties

  76. A New Way to look at Networking

  77. Who, Why, and What the EFF? Ask the Electronic Frontier Foun

  78. Google Personal Growth Series: Mindsight: The New Science of

  79. Google Personal Growth Series: Mindsight: The New Science of

  80. Google Personal Growth Series: Mindsight: The New Science of

  81. Automated Reconstruction of 3D Models

  82. Debugging and Testing the Web with Firebug

  83. Soaring, Cryptography and Nuclear Weapons

  84. Design of the Zero X and Zero S Electric Motorcycles

  85. Mac OS Automator: Doing things over and over is over.

  86. Quicksilver: Universal Access and Action

  87. How To Design A Good API and Why it Matters

  88. The Marriage of Fractals and Splines

  89. PhotoSketch: A Google SketchUp Plugin for Photo-Centric 3D..

  90. Persona Editor

  91. Interactive Ray Tracing: A Better Way to Program 3D

  92. Beyond Web 2.0 -- How RDFa Can Help to Democratise Data on t

  93. Browserscope & SpriteMe

  94. How to Steal a Botnet and What Can Happen When You Do

  95. Google Faculty Summit 2009: Frontiers in Systems Research

  96. Google Faculty Summit 2009: Cloud Computing

  97. Practical Life Extension Results

  98. The Go Programming Language

  99. Propping Open the Document Trapdoor

  100. Search User Interfaces

  101. Latency and Cost Tradeoffs for Efficient Peer-to-Peer Assisted Content Distribution

  102. Your Brain at Work

  103. Launchd: One Program to Rule them All

  104. FScript - a scripting solution for Mac OS X / Cocoa

  105. Adium: Multi-protocol Chat for the Mac

  106. Mac OS Automator: Doing things over and over is over.

  107. Introduction to MacLibre and OpenTouch

  108. Larry Wall Speaks at Google

  109. Bill Guschwan: A History of Video Game Development

  110. Adium: Multi-protocol Chat for the Mac

  111. CMake/CPack/CTest/CDash Open Source Tools to Build Test and Deploy C++ Software

  112. Situating Personal Information Management Practices within an Organization

  113. The Evolution of End User Programming

  114. Do My Thoughts Deceive Me? Human Factors and Design

  115. Imaging the Antikythera Mechanism

  116. Cross-Compiling Android Applications to the iPhone

  117. How to Create World Peace and Silicon Valley's Stake in the Game

  118. APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day) and the Best Astronomy Images

  119. HTML5 Multiplayer Game Development

  120. Historypin: Google Maps and the 4th Dimension

  121. Color, Music, and Emotion

  122. Color, Music, and Emotion

  123. Tinkercad

  124. Mining Your Logs - Gaining Insight Through Visualization