The Zionist Matrix of Power in America





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Uploaded on Jan 10, 2010

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Dr. David Duke
----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­--The Jewish Matrix of Power in America - narrated by Dr. David Duke.

In this video I demonstrate the power of Jewish extremists in media, politics and finance in America. If Jewish radicals didn't have the power I say that they do, how could an extremist Jewish organizations such as Chabad Lubavitch meet with Presidents and Premiers, and put of thousands of Jewish Menorahs on public ground in Europe and America at the same time Crosses are banned! How can this organization whose basic tenants are that all Gentiles are satanic and are biologically inferior to Jews get the support of world leaders and not receive a peep of protest from the mainstream press?
The reason they get away with it is because of their unholy influence over the politicians an the press. And as I quote the Los Angeles Jewish Times, they do own and control the lion share of media in America and the Western World.

Please make your comments civil and fair-minded. No profanity or hateful speech will be allowed, just civil discourse. The media is interested in portraying those of us who expose Jewish extremism, as hatemongers and bigots. In truth, the real extremists and bigots are those like Chabad Lubavitch. I will not let this page be infiltrated by trolls who will try to make us appear in the Hollywood image of so-called anti-Semites or hateful racists. We are simply people working to preserve our heritage and freedom, not to trying to take away others freedom or human rights. We are simply exercising our God-given right to preserve what we love and revere. Best to all -- David Duke

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