A Zayn Malik Love Story part 15





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Published on Aug 17, 2012

Sahar: i dont know who to choose
Liam: he cheated
Zayn: but i love you!
Sahar: i dont know if i could believe you
Zayn: please babe believe me i love you i swear i will never hurt you again
Liam: i have never hurt her i take perfect care of her
Sahar: i cant if i choose you guys will break up and you wont be 1D
Zayn: we are friends we love each other
Liam: we wont plz choose
Sahar: (frowns) i cant and wont choose
Harry: (jumps into room) whats up guys!!!!
Sahar: (smiles) hey bro (hugs him) i love u you know
Harry: (smiles) me too
Zayn: you love him more than us dont you?
Sahar: (shocked and frowns) no (looks at harry) (whispers) he's not mine
Harry: (hears her) (whispers) im not in love with selena. umm i should go guys
Zayn: will you choose one of us???
Sahar: umm no zayn i love you but i love harry too so ill be right back (runs to harry pulls him into the room again)
Liam: whats going on?
Sahar: i decided to have all three of you hear to pick from by kissing each of you
Zayn: harry is single isnt he
Harry: yup (smiles)
Liam: i love you sahar but being apart from danielle showed me she is my girl so you should pick from zayn and harry one last kiss though?
Sahar: i under stand and ok (kisses him passionatley)
Liam: (kisses back)
Sahar: (sparks)
Liam: (pulls away) ok ill get danny back !!!!!!!!!
Sahar: (smiles) bye k so boys i kiss each of you now (kisses zayn)
Zayn: (kisses back)
Sahar: (huge sparks fly)
Zayn: (slips tongue in)
Sahar: (pulls away) next
Harry: (kisses her)
Sahar: (kisses back)
Harry: (tongue slips in)
Sahar: (accepts and biggest hugest sparks fly she falls in transe)
Harry: (kisses and softly stops faces her and moves back)
Sahar: (surprised) umm well i-i choose
Zayn:i can see your eyes with that kiss you fell instantly in love with Harry so just choose him plz i love being single so im fine but once plz wear a red outfit for me!!!!
Sahar: (smiles) i will wear the outfit and yes Harry i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!! (hugs him)
Harry: (hugs her and goes over to zayn) thanks bro ur really cool (hugs him)
Zayn: (smiles and hugs back and pulls away)
Sahar: ok then (smiles) (Liam rushes in room)
Liam: she wont take me back!!!!!!!!
Sahar: dont worry i got a friend for you her name is Taylor Swift
Liam: you know her?
Sahar: yup
Liam: awesome you think she'll like me
Sahar: are you kidding she loves you!!!!!
Liam: invite her over
Sahar: sure tonight (calls taylor)
Taylor: hello?
Sahar: it Sahar!!!!
Taylor: hey girrrrl whats up
Sahar: you know Liam Payne
Taylor: yea my crush?
Sahar: mhmm i live with 1D and he really likes you so wanna come over tonight?
Taylor: (smiles) duh!!!! ill be there at 8 whats the address
Sahar: (texts her the address) i texted the address
Taylor: awesome bye love
Sahar: bye (smiles) (hangs up)
Liam: she is coming!!!!
Sahar: yea but Zayn Harry and you will go out for a little walk with me and zayn i will wear a red outfit for you so go change!
they change
Sahar: (changes into http://www.polyvore.com/sahars_outfit...)
Zayn: (hugs her quickly) yay ur wearing my outfit
Sahar: (smiles) yea lets go guys
Harry: ready
Liam: me too
(they walk and come back)
Sahar: lets go to nandos i know niall wants to (runs to niall and louis) hey loves!!!!!!!
Niall+Louis: hey babe!!!! what up
Sahar: nandos time you lil chicken wing
Niall+Louis: (hugs her)
Sahar: (hugs back)good thing i like you 2 or i would hit you
Niall: why
Sahar: u 2 r wet
Niall: oops
Sahar: just get ready (runs to her room and changes with the boys)
Harry: hey should i call you love or babe??
Sahar: umm i like Kandi
Harry: kandi it is (changes and is ready)
Niall: (changes and is ready)
Liam+Zayn+Louis: (change and are ready)
Sahar: (changes into http://www.polyvore.com/sahar_casual/...)
Harry: i like!
Sahar: yea lets go
-At Nandos
Sahar: omg look!!!!!!
Harry: what?
Sahar: its Taylor Lautner!!!!!!!!!!!
Harry: cool
Sahar: (goes up to taylor l.) hi!
Taylor: (turns to her) hi
Sahar: i really love twilight you my favorite character
Taylor: i appreciate it wanna join me
Sahar: umm i cant im with one direction
Taylor: no way!!! ur dating one of them arent u
Sahar: yup im with harry
Taylor: cool you know he's a flirt
Sahar: (smiles) yea
Taylor: all of you join me then
Sahar: ok (runs to the boys hey guys Taylor L. told us to join him lets go!!!!
Liam: no way he is my man crush
Sahar: Avril Lavigne is my girl crush and she's not here but Taylor is so lets go!!!!
everyone: (move with Taylor L.)

to be continued... and if i made a bad decision on who she should choose i am soo sorry i like Harry Zayn and Liam i already dated 2 of them so why not Harry but Taylor L is in it because i like him too but i dont have a chance but Harry will get jealous and we'll see what happens then ;)

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