Suteki Da Ne ~ arranged by Erutan ( katethegreat19 )





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Published on Sep 30, 2008

Vocals and piano performed by katethegreat19
Lyrics by SacridiaDarque (now 'daargit')

This is NOT a translation of the original lyrics! These completely new lyrics are by SacridiaDarque

Although the lyrics were written to go along with another story, it's amazing how spot-on they are for FFX as well! I think you'll agree! ^0^
Angel white of labyrinth blue
Do you see me as I see you?
Soft darkened eyes
haunted by dreamless sleep
Is it your ghost I see in the mirror?
Reach out to touch me
dearest dream of mine
Open your eyes, say you're alright
The glass shatters at the softest touch
Is there a soul beyond the shards?

Warm tears sting my eyes
As all of these sweet memories
flood back to me
Reminising now
The sun will set beyond
the cruel mountain range
I'll still be here
(it's dark now without your light)
Begging your heart to beat
(sweet defiled angel, open your eyes)
My existance is not the same
(believe in me)
Without you here...
(believe that I love you)

You shut your eyes
and gave in to that light
A beauty frozen in eternal night
just when I realized the
error of my ways
you slipped between my fingertips
I was a fool, I was stuck in such bliss
Wish I could grant, you your first kiss
Sorrow only grows if I try to forget
you're an eternal part of me

A sweet lullaby
Clasping my fragile heart
and whispering your name
Soft embrace in my sleep
Is this a dream or is it
Yet another nightmare of thee
Don't let this end
(it's cold now without your touch)
Wait on the other side
(my beautiful angel, rest in peace)
And I will slumber deep
(just please don't let this die)
I'll see you soon...

lyrics copyrighted 2008 by TaoJenChan
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If you would like to support my music, you can purchase a Studio Mastered version of my cover (track is fully licensed by SquareEnix) from my album 'A Bard's Side Quest'. The Loudr release has FLAC and mp3, and the itunes has Apple mp3 :)



thank you very much! @.@
Several deviantart.com artists kindly allowed me to use their art, please check out their sites!

1:06-1:11 ~ Yunawater by: linlilian
1:19-1:22 ~ Yuna by: goddess-child
1:23-1:26 ~ Yuna by: Sakurah
2:03-2:09 ~ yuna by: Daimida
2:22-2:28 ~ Yuna with Tidus by: NoTickleElmo
2:37-2:42 ~ Yuna of Final Fantasy by: vanillasky93
2:44-2:49 ~ Yuna Tidus by: DareBear
2:56-3:01 ~ Yuna and Tidus by: isanohohoemi
3:04-3:09 ~ Final Fantasy X Yuna by:
3:18-3:21 ~ Yuna by: neomonki
3:22-3:24 ~ FFX's Yuna by: Maaya-Chan
3:25-3:31 ~ FFX Tidus Detail by:Risachantag
3:44-3:48 ~ ffx Tidus by: Gensoukyoku
3:53-3:56 ~ Yuna by: Deathasagi
4:05-4:09 ~ FFx YuNa charcoal by: ne-ja

ther other fan-pieces i found on google, and it was impossible to tell who the original artists were. If you see you art on here please TELL ME so that I can properly credit you ^_^

Music composed by: Nobuo Uematsu
vocals and piano by: katethegreat19
lyrics by: SacridiaDarque (TaoJenChan)

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