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Published on Feb 4, 2011

http://nintendo3dsblog.com The Sony NGP Sucks



Hey guys David here from nintendo 3ds blog dot com, and you're probably well aware of it by now, but last week Sony announced the successor to the PSP, which is codenamed the Sony NGP.

Clearly the next few minutes are going to be an incredibly unbalanced rant against the NGP, seeing as this is a channel dedicated to the 3DS. But I am going to try to elaborate on the title of this video.

Okay, so the NGP, on the surface, is pretty cool.

It has PS3-level graphics, 3G connectivity, a touch screen on the back and front. And there's also the quad core processor and a bunch of other fancy stuff.

Just based on the technical specs alone the NGP is like Jesus, but if Jesus was merged with Robocop and then rode Godzilla to the awesome factory.

It's pretty freakin' powerful.

But even so, it just feels a little boring.

Sony has really just thrown more technology into a portable device without taking advantage of the fact that it's a portable device.

The NGP will never be a PS3. The games may look as good as PS3 equivalents, but it'll never have as much raw power and be as flexible as a home console.

But that seems to be how Sony is approaching it. It's almost literally a PS3 that you can sort of carry around with you.

If you have massive pockets.

Or a sherpa.

What's cool about the 3DS is that the display technology they used is just not feasible for larger displays.

Televisions do exist that have the same tech, but they're so expensive and troublesome at that size that they won't be in homes for at least another four or five years.

For the 3DS though, it's perfect.

I was at Nintendo World 2011, so I played a 3DS, and you instantly notice how cool the 3D effect is.

It's a bizarre sensation, and it's only possible on a portable device.

None of the main features of the NGP seem to be unique to handhelds, except for maybe 3G and GPS.

And while I've been wanting 3G in the 3DS for a while now, and Sony fans keep pointing out that the NGP has a bunch of features 3DS fans have been wanting, I think they're missing the point.

I don't just want 3G connectivity.

And I don't just want dual analog sticks.

And I don't just want high-end graphics.

I want all of those things to be in a Nintendo handheld.

There's a big difference.

Nintendo's core product is stronger. They have the games, the innovation and an overall unique experience. They just lack a few features.

Sony's core product on the other hand seems to have the few cool features, like 3G and quad core processing, but lacks anything that compelling that binds it all together and makes it more than just a PS3 for your pocket.

There doesn't seem to be that one defining thing that makes the NGP that special.

It's just like a bunch of engineers got together and threw a bunch of components into a case without any coherent plan.

But credit where credit is due.

Having a touchscreen on the back is quite a bold move from Sony. And I'm curious to see how well it's used by developers.

And maybe this will be different from the PSP.

Maybe the world is ready for a device that is just packed with technology.

But history doesn't exactly prove that to be the case.

Because otherwise Apple products wouldn't be popular, the Wii wouldn't be selling so well, and the PS3 would be winning the console war.

Anyway, this rant could go on for ages, so I'll just wrap it up.

I don't hate the NGP, and I probably will actually pick one up at some point just so I can talk about it with some level of accuracy.

At the moment though it just seems a little dull.

Maybe there'll be some amazing games announced. And that's a genuine possibility. It could happen.

All we've seen at the moment though is a device that is too big as a portable, will likely be over $300 and doesn't do anything that can't be done on a home console.

The NGP is basically a home console with hand grips.

A PS3 with an LCD.

A taco with lots of filling but no flavour.

Okay, I'll stop.

I'm just trying to make the trolls angry.

The NGP will have its good points. But I think this is just a repeat of the previous generation.

I don't think the 3DS is going to have that much trouble taking the crown once again as the best handheld device.

But, I guess, leave your thoughts in the comments?

I may regret asking for opinions. But we'll see how this works out.

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Comments • 5,786

David is a prophet.
Bryce Wilson
Lol this video got so many dislikes. If only the haters knew at the time how much the Vita would flop...
this video was pretty biased 
All the people below me are Sony Fanboys! ...people the 3ds and psvita are great systems. Go enjoy you're great games on that console and stop fighting. They have a great library of games! They are both good. Let's be happy.... 
Joshua Quito
even Sony Sucks Cuz the emoji movie
The PS3 ended up winning the Console War and the Wii faded into obscurity. The PSP to this day, still has the 3DS outsold by almost 15 million.
Master's Sword
Sony didn't drop Psvita the PS Vita didn't have a chance to do anything it's like an abandoned app on Google Play
3DS is dogshit.
Master's Sword
Ign gave the vita an 8.0 the 3ds got 7.5 soooo.....
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gotti young
Sony fagboys are so butthurt! Your system lost because as usual Sony throws money and technology at a problem. Wii U was doing bad but at least Nintendo is giving it some help unlike Sony with the vita!
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