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Published on Sep 18, 2012

"An admitted heroin addict with tattoos covering much of his face and head was charged Friday with three counts of attempted murder for allegedly firing at cops in an Alaska hotel room, the Anchorage Daily News reported." http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09...

Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks debate whether or not this man is guilty and the impact his tattoos will have on his trial. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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Comments • 1,105

I'm surprised at the Young Turks for being so small minded. My partner has a full face tattoo and is the kindest gentlest soul you could meet, I think it's more about the design someone chooses.
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+frankos rooni, "Many Moaris have full facial tatoos..." Yes, and native cultures like that did it specifically to be intimidating so people should not then be surprised if people find tattooed faces intimidating. We human beings have a specific part of our brain that is dedicated to recognising faces the right way up. We are INCREDIBLY sensitive to small details in a person's face. A tattoo succeeds in making a person's face look very different and abnormal. Of course people are going to be sensitive to that. It would be illogical not to be. Sure, we should all make an effort to look past such things but many people don't try or find it difficult, perhaps because it's not something they see very often. If get a face tattoo and claim that you aren't aware that people are going to view you differently then you're a liar. Don't then call foul when it happens.
happylife Mana
+MrOnionterror yeh has a job?? haha yeh selling drugs for sure, what other idiot employer would ever hire him...
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i actually like his tattoos
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He Looks so awesome
would you get tatted like that and go to a job interview?
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Guilty or not he's tattos look really cool like something out of manga or video games 
Jeremy Greenidge
How is it that this guy shoots at the cops and lives to stand trial, but all of these unarmed black teens get killed? Doesn't make much sense.
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Jeremy Greenidge
+david Slater Haha. That's basically what they're thinking.
david Slater
White lives matter duuuh
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Cody Grant
"GUILTY! on the face alone" thats stupid af
Roman T
Cenk is not smart in any sense of the word he's a bias asshole.
Annemarie L
"Even if he was innocent... he's screwed." laughter  So it's amusing ruin the life of an innocent man simply because he has tattoos? Cenk, I know you're a reasonable guy, but here you just look like a heartless asshole.
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Annemarie L
+Annemarie L *bitter words ...That's a tad embarassing.
Annemarie L
+John Johnsonson You don't have to feel obligated to remove anything. I don't remove my statements unless directly asked. We have exchanged butter words, but I am not offended. I trust you aren't, either.
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These are the most self righteous, close minded, rude, and frankly stuck up people I've ever heard speak. I watch video after video and all they do is put down people who live any lifestyle different from their own and talk as if their shit doesn't stink and being a sheep moving along following the black and white stereotypical moral code forced down our throat by other people like themselves is the only way to live. Most of their comments are often more disgusting and offensive than the story they're discussing. What an ignorant group of people. 
Maxine Thomas
Your right their tattoos are on their heart...sitting in the studio laughing at someone's misfortune ...Witch and Wizard.....
His tats are awesome, I'd give him heroin just to chill and let me look at him.
they call me the barnacle licks your face  My lady will piss in your mouth for some o that
Ben Hendershott
Someone's needy...
Nahji Jackson
Face tattoos doesn't make someone guilty unless his take show it's him in video as a description
Bok ram
If you put shit like this on your face you have to be guilty of something!
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Bok ram
+Phoenix Sosuke So it's like I said, he is guilty of something.
Phoenix Sosuke
if someone has tats like that he's guilty of: Bad life choices? Yes Attempted murder? no
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