Mercy on My Soul: A Jemi Story Chp. 18





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Published on Jun 16, 2012

Chapter 18
Demi let go of Joe and stepped away from him. "What's the matter with you? You know how much it hurts Nick to think about your mom. That was a low blow."
"I know but he needs to realize that my dad is not as good as he idolizes him to be," Joe explained.
"How are you so sure that Andrews is telling the truth?" Demi asked.
"Andrews is a small gang they've never picked a fight with my dad, they've never picked a fight with anyone. They just own clubs, they don't want to hurt anyone," Joe explained.
Demi shook her head, still not sure if she should trust his judgment. "Joe they're increasing their numbers.."
"They're helping those kids, most of them were homeless before." Joe ran his hands through his hair. "Demi we need to go."
Demi was taken aback. "Go? What do you mean go?"
"We need to go to Andrews, to their headquarters. They can protect you. We'll be safe there!"
Demi stepped back."You're asking me to leave everything I've ever known?"
Joe took her hand in his. "I'm asking you to leave the danger and secrets of this house. I'm asking you to let me protect you. I need you to trust me."
Demi looked down. She didn't want to leave but she knew Joe could never let her stay where he knew she was in danger. She ran her fingers through her hair, as she often did when she was unsure. "When?" she asked.
Joe mumbled, "Now."
"Now?!" Demi asked in disbelief, taking her hand away from his, "We can't leave now Joe!"
"Why not? No one will know, they won't question it. They won't know where we're going, they won't be able to find us. You'll be safe," Joe explained.
Demi shook her head slowly. "Joe. You can't ask me to leave my friends, my family right now without even saying goodbye. This is my life you want me to leave."
Joe held her chin lightly. "I need you to leave the danger," he said.
Demi looked up at him. His eyes were pleading, begging her to go with him. She knew that if they stayed, that it would continue to hurt him inside. She still wasn't sure but she trusted him. "Okay," she agreed, "We'll go."

Joe packed some clothes into his bag quickly while Demi scribbled some goodbye notes for Nick and Selena. She put them on her bed, knowing they would for sure check her room after Joe's. They left to the garage to choose another bike, since Joe's Dukati would be too easy to recognize. They took one of the older looking bikes that still ran really well.
As they left, Demi couldn't help but look back at the life she was leaving behind. Her friends, memories, where so many events took place. A few tears escaped her eyes. She turned back, hiding away against Joe, still uncertain of what was to happen next.

After close to a four hour drive northward they reached their destination. The Tower, five cities away from Joe's mansion and a sort of check point. Joe stopped the bike near the back.
"Demi? Are you still awake?" he asked.
"Barely," she said, "What time is it?"
"It's almost five. We should get to sleep," Joe said. Demi nodded in agreement. They got off the bike and walked to the back door. Joe knocked four times. A couple seconds later someone answered the door.
"Joe!" the tall blond guy said. "How's it going buddy?"
"I'm good Liam," Joe said. "We were hoping to get some sleep."
"We?" Liam asked. Joe moved to let him see Demi. Liam smiled warmly. "The girl?! Come in, come in."
Joe nodded and he and Demi walked inside. "This is Demi. Demi, this is Liam."
She smiled. "Nice to meet you."
"Pleasure's all mine. Miley will be excited to have another girl in the house," Liam laughed. "Miley's my girlfriend," he explained, "But you can deal with meeting people later, you guys looks like you could use some sleep. Joe your room hasn't been occupied, so just crash there."
"Thanks Liam," Joe said.
"You're like my brother," Liam said. "I'll see you guys later."
Joe lead Demi up to the third floor. The fourth door down the long hallway lead to "Joe's room." He opened the door to a small room with a full sized bed in the middle and some cabinets against the wall. Demi looked around, not really sure why but she felt the need to. She went and sat on the bed, still scanning the room. Joe put his bag down by one of the cabinets and walked up to her.
"I's gonna be okay," he said, running his hand over her cheek.
Demi nodded. "I know."

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