Wordplay #14 - Faded - Javante





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Published on May 29, 2012

Finally uploading this one. Enjoy fam.

Nigga I'm Faded, got a semi-new cut,
bout to make you all clapp, like a fat girls butt,
and yeah, I'm back at it, super rap-addict,
life is a bitch, but that ass, imma tap it,
flow make ya head nod, you know me, Cherp-Squad,
lyrics be bangin' and my wordplay, so hard,
Y.O.L.O., no-no, solo, jerk-off,
dudes be, pussy, female, no-balls,
and I demolish em by any-means,
you could be a rapper actin' gangster, or a nigga wearin' skinny jeans,
ya whole life is like a movie on a mini-screen,
the only part you play is an impression of a mini-me,
If you think you're better, flip that shit like reciprocal,
where you wanna battle? Hell?, Earth? on the digital...,
plain?, Niggas Ass, I'm the shit and the titty's too,
yeah I got barz, swear to God, imma witty dude,
pity who, wanna test their skills when they battle me,
fry em em, till they get burned like a callory,
flow be acidic, like the core of a battery,
people imitate, but it don't mean flattery,
dudes copy dudes, then they hot for a season,
when they don't copy, not hot for a reason,
they was warm for a while, but it's gone like the summer,
heard for a while, then they gone like thunder,

Javante, no gimmicks, goin' Beast Mode,
kid got swagg, more game than a cheat code,
rappers, I eat those, Facebook delete hoes,
GTA IV, kill more than, Niko,
I'm so cool, I power up like I'm Goku,
but I choke dudes, while eatin' my mama's soul food,
and there's no rules, cuz I'm better than great,
real talk, I'm first, so ahead of the fakes,
I can't rap? Then watch, like the thing on my wrist,
I'm not crap, but these niggas all say I'm the shit,
they say I'm legit, but i'm at the back of the end-line,
Reppin' NY, from LI, to Bed Stuy,
I'm an anomaly, I be wildin' (apostrophe),
Imma be ridin' solo, cuz rappers don't wanna holla B,
I guess rappin' just really ain't for me,
cuz you gotta have dough, and this shit ain't free,
you gotta throw dirt, cuz that shit ain't clean,
and you gotta be fake, but that shit ain't me,
niggas gettin' Faded, girls be hatin',
bros dissin' bros, cuz they fam get jaded,
excuse and exempt me, really don't tempt me,
for I make you bleed, like the ink from my pen be,
I'm quicker than the average man, if you take a battle stance,
I promise imma whoop that ass, and put you in an ambulance.

Yeah, see this dudes all mean,
I'm so bad, you're all Saints, call em New Orleans,
True Religion, I eat denim, man I chew on jeans,
got a really small chance, bet 2 on dreams,
but hey...I used to do this for the cheap thrill,
I ain't tryin' to be another Meek Mill,
I like the high from rappin', it's like an E-pill,
and I love beats, as much as I love to eat meals,
see, and I'm hot with the rhymes,
shoot a gun, and all sparks turn to Optimus Prime,
I'm doctor Divine with rap, I'm the king of my time,
over-looked and understated, I'm the key to the crime,
tell me i'm lyin' (lion), better mean, the king of the jungle,
If you bring a challenge, I'll be, ready to rumble,
claimin' you got paper, well I'm ready to crumple,
ya little bundles of butter for causin' all of that trouble,
I'm Faded, Wordplay makin',
play me in ya speakers I promise I'll be hated,
a plus graded, numba one rated,
nigga that you know, and astonished he ain't make it,
stop with the negligence, commin' for the presidents,
chillin' in ya speakers, for I enter in ya residence,
chiller that a sedative, and known for my effectiveness,
An Epic mother-fucker, you gon have to call me Oedipus,


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