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PTSD From Emotional Abuse? Accessing Limbic System And Emotions

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Publisert 25. mai 2018

PTSD From Emotional Abuse? Accessing Limbic System And Emotions

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Hamza and David explore the world of PTSD with Beverley Searle of What doctors

do not want you to know about PTSD. Can knowing whether you are psychic or intuitive be stretched to have

a bigger impact on society today? What is the the big deal with regards to dealing with the latest knowing

whether you are psychic or intuitive with experts like Beverley Searle anyway? We discuss experiences both

pro and con on the subject from a homies' perspective...

Intrinsic Motivation - A Homies Perspective - Come hang out with our weekly talk as we cover everything from Law

of Attraction, Personal Development and more from a homie's perspective. Stay tuned!

About Beverley Searle:

Intrinsic Motivation From A Homies' Perspective on RadioPublic

There are 4 criteria for diagnosis, they are:
1. Re-experiencing the trauma
 repetitive memories (or flashbacks) that are hard to control and intrude into
everyday life
 nightmares
 extreme distress caused by reminders of the trauma
 memories or disturbing thoughts that can be prompted by smells, sounds, words or
other triggers.
2. Avoidance
 staying away from places, people or objects that may trigger memories of the
traumatic event
 changing a normal routine to avoid triggering memories
 not wanting to talk about or think about the event
 feeling numb.
3. Negative thoughts and mood
 feeling a sense of hopelessness about the future
 negative beliefs about oneself or the world
 blaming oneself or others unreasonably
 intense worry, depression, anger or guilt
 loss of memory of the traumatic event
 no longer enjoying favourite activities
 becoming emotionally detached from others
 inability to experience positive emotions.
4. ??

In order to be diagnosed with PTSD, a person must have three different types of symptoms: reexperiencing
symptoms, avoidance and numbing symptoms, and arousal symptoms. Re-experiencing
symptoms are symptoms that involve reliving the traumatic event. There are a number of ways in
which people may relive a trauma.


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