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Published on Aug 8, 2009

Sorry this is late tweets!

Anyhow -this kid got kicked out for 'disturbing guests'. Considering I was within hearing distance of him when all this went down, I don't think he was being rude and disrupive at all.

When the "museum" employee pulled him aside on his way out, he was very cooperative (as well as prior to this) and even apologized to the family. The family had come 'all the way from Virginia' and mentioned that their 'family trip was now ruined' based on the two cents they heard this kid say on the way out the door. All the way from Virginia? This kid is from Canada. He traveled even further than they did, and is still a paying customer! Apparantly though he doesn't deserve the same treatment. I guess it's because he's from Canada. ;)

A documentary cameraman also got kicked out too, because he was fliming the conversation between the kid and the employee.

The "museum" was watching us extra close though, so I'm not surprised they looked for any single excuse to kick someone out.

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You have to remember that censorship and banning is the only way that Christians can defend their superstitions.. They can't use arguments, because they don't have any.
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Michael Martin
Honestman400 Amen to that.
Lord Krishna
+Honestman400 You're a good man. I wish there would be lots more like you.
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Now imagine if a person enters the natural history museum wearing a "There is a god and I love him so much" -- they wouldn't be asked to leave at all. Religion is scared of opinion because it can't hold itself in an argument. Get rid of the people who are going to ask questions because they are HATEFUL PEOPLE CAUSING A SCENE! Whereas, religious people in a scientific world are encouraged to talk because atheists know they have evidence to back up their claims.
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Michael Martin
Logorrheic wow! what a huge man!
Andy Gardner
William Drewe Oh William , William , William! You started your argument so badly at the beginning! Then it was terrible in the middle & the less said about the end the better. What makes your immoral doctrine more true than all the religions that have preceded it & died out? Just because your daddy said it's true doesn't make it so! You do realise that if you were born in Scandinavia a thousand years ago you'd believe in Wotan? Furthermore you would believe in all the other Gods just a fervently as the Jewish carpenter/rabbi/zombie of your ridiculous book no matter which majority faith group you were born into. Ridiculous.
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Raptor Jesus
"sir i'm going to have to ask you to leave, your sanity is disturbing the deluded."
King Chimera
Christian (disupts scientific lecture and is asked to leave) "How dare you, Im using my freedom of speech" Atheist (giggles at exhibits in the Creation "Museum")  Same Christian "GTFO, how dare you mock the word of god"
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Alister Hile
You're free to speak, but you'll be ridiculed for saying stupid things like "Build a wall" and "Lock her up". I've never witnessed a conservative being silenced on a campus, however I've heard them get the verbal beat down they deserved.
King Chimera
+hopatease1 no, sjws of college campuses protect religion, and dislike atheist 
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Come in but only if you leave your brain at the door.
it is hard not to laugh at their exhibits
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Ad Astra
+porculizador I would agree based on current data.
+Ad Astra yes indeed. probability-wise there is almost zero chance that god exists, but it isn't zero
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I bet Atheists visit the museum more than Creationists, or batshit crazy Christians. Just to have a good days laugh.
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I'd consider getting kicked out of the Creation 'Museum' an honor.
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Good idea.
Julian Lopez Zalazar
of course
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Pipefitter Art
The Creation Museum...a place for retards to hang out.
Astro Lamp
Pipefitter Art you'll be alright
Creation "museum" hahahahahahahahhahahahaahahah That's a huge oxymoron!
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+johnspartan98 Yes, evolution is real. If you can prove otherwise, then you will be given a Noble prize!  Otherwise I will listen to all the real scientists of the last 150 years...  Creation/science??!! ahahah  The ultimate oxymoron.  Do you think your magic sky daddy is more believable? ahahahah  I don't need to defend evolution, all of science has already done that.
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