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Published on Nov 7, 2009

And so we head to the Toys"R"Us store nearest my area... Little Neck, Douglaston!

Well, I was just showing off the area a bit since I had a bit of extra space to fit all that. It's nice to check out the area once in a while after all, isn't it? Well, you decide.

Anyhow, we head into the Toys"R"Us, and the sign is right in front of my face as I enter! "Pokemon Diamond", "Pokemon Pearl", "Pokemon Platinum". "GET THE MIGHTY ARCEUS, IN-STORE ONLY, NOVEMBER 7TH-15TH.

I zoomed in my camera for you all to read the extra details and all.

And now, I show you how to actually download the event, for those of you that did not quite understand the given instructions on the poster:

Step by step:

1. Put in your Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum DS game, turn on your DS, and start your game.

2. Press Start at the "Press Start" introductory screen. After that, scroll down to select the option "MYSTERY GIFT". If you do not have Mystery Gift and do not know how to get it, please consult my video "How to unlock Mystery Gift in Pokemon Platinum".

3. Now, make sure that you have no more than 2 Wonder Cards saved. If you have 3, you'll need to delete to make room to download the Wonder Card needed to operate this event. Select the option "CHECK CARD" and click on one of your saved Wonder Cards that you do not want to keep in order to make room for the Arceus Wonder Card. Just select "TRASH" and then "YES" to discard it.

4. Once you do all that, go back and select the option "RECEIVE GIFT".

5. Select the option "GET VIA WIRELESS", since this is a wireless download at Toys"R"Us. Select "YES", when it says "DS Wireless Communications will be launched."

6. Now, it will say "Searching for a gift. Please wait...". When the proper event displays, "ARCEUS has arrived!", select "YES" to receive the gift.

7. Now watch as you receive this special Arceus Wonder Card... At last, upon successfully receiving the gift, it will say, of course, "The gift has been received!".

8. Now, just go to any Poke Mart to pick up the special Arceus, but that's not all...

There's more to this special Pokemon than it seems to the naked eye. This Arceus will unlock a special event in Pokemon Platinum, HeartGold, AND SoulSilver. I will show you all the Platinum event for now, and when Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver are released, I will have footage on that as well.

Congratulations on receiving Arceus! I hope you've enjoyed this video and getting the final Pokemon of the entire Pokedex to date. Congratulations to all of you that have officially completed their Pokedex!!! And so have I =D

P.S.: This event is downloadable for ALL three games: Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl, AND Pokemon Platinum!!!

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