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Published on Dec 28, 2010

This is some gameplay for Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour (say that ten times fast) on the Sony Playstation, as played on a PS2 with texture smoothing on.

This is another one I recently acquired in an Ebay game lot. This was, surprisingly, developed by Crystal Dynamics, and is, I'm guessing, running on the Gex engine. In fact, they even reused some music from Gex 3 in the snow level of the game (the one I get stomped on in the vid)

It's actually a pretty decent kart racer, and is worth a look if you're a Disney fan. It's far from the best kart racer there is though.

My two biggest complaints (aside from the obvious lack of originality), are the control issues, and the difficulty.

The game's controls feel just a little off. Not enough to ruin the game, but they are still not as tight as those of say CTR, and speaking of CTR, it borrows the boosting idea from CTR, but doesn't do it as well. In order to boost, you have to hold R1 to go into a powerslide, and then release when you kart emits a different colored smoke. The only problem is, the powerslide boost in the game forces you into such a sharp angle, that nine times out of ten, it'll send you straight into a wall making it useless to use on all but the sharpest turns in the tracks. Instead of the boost system becoming a big part of the gameplay like in CTR, it feels slightly half-***ed by comparison.

Maybe it's because I didn't bother changing the difficulty when I took this footage (meaning it's set on whatever the default difficulty was), but the A.I. in this game can be pretty tough. Not that I mind tough A.I., but I'm guessing this game was made with kids in mind. Maybe I just suck, but the A.I. is way too hard for kids. I do good the first two races in this vid, but in the final race, you see exactly how unforgiving the A.I. can be, and I don't see a lot of kids being able to beat this game due to the A.I.

Maybe I give kids less credit than I should (after all, my generation started out on the NES, and those games were tough as nails), but at the default difficulty, it isn't a kids game, but that's either a plus, or a minus depending on who you are. Looking at it from a perspective of a game that's marketed for kids, it doesn't make sense, but as an adult gamer, it could be seen as a plus because it's not stupid-easy like most kids games.

Overall, Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour (whew) is a solid kart racer with a few rough edges here and there, but if you're looking for some good kart racing aside from Crash Team Racing on the PS1, or are an avid Disney fan looking for a quality Disney game, then this game is a good second-string kart racer.

NOTE: I haven't played all of the way through it yet, seeing as I just got it, and have just been playtesting it, so my early insights about the game may not stand once I put some more play time into it.


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