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Published on Apr 14, 2011

A science presentation

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Hey hows it going Dj zen on the mic and I’ve come here today to set that little mind alight
So go on take a seat and have a little patience, cause I’m gonna talk you through some basic physics radiation
First up to the stage its them radio waves they get really long, over a million meters away
GPS, phone and you’re tv to, it does it all and you never had a clue
Microwaves yeah its all about you tracking that weather and heating up my food
And please don’t forget when that ticket arrives, it was microwaves that caught you’re dad speeding on the sly
Infrared’s in the house but call me IR for short, you’ll never believe the shear amount that I support
When you’re feeling lazy IR saves the day fire straight from the remote on that lazy Sunday, the sun the stars and you’re body as well, Infrared escapes the all like a running wild gazelle
Sorry to keep you waiting but now I’ve arrived

Electromagnetic spectrum ahhhh, it’s here to haunt you, with its lethal wavelengths, you can’t fight it ooooo

Alright alright that was pretty good, DJ Vision will take it from here, we still got 4 waves left in the spectrum to compare, so keep those ears open and I’ll help you understand, these funny little waves, alright lets go man
Visible light that’s me, souring through the sky basically without my presence your eyes would be deprived, creator of life on this ball you call earth, human beings right down to plankton they all know my worth
All the scientists know my way is the future, supply power to the car, the plane and the computer so forget wind and water those turbines are lame, break out the solar panel there’s a current to gain
Looking for a tan? Well I’m just what you need, ultraviolet radiation don’t forget that sunscreen I’ll make your skin a little darker if that’s what you prefer but be exposed to me for long I swear you’ll get a nasty burn
Not just for pleasure a business man on the side, scanning notes in the bank no wool pulled over my eyes, so that’s enough bragging I’ll let you move on, ultraviolet radiation, I’m a DON!
Electromagnetic spectrum ahhhh, it’s here to haunt you, with its lethal wavelengths, you can’t fight it ooooo

In the hospital I let the doctors see what’s inside, its x-ray radiation no need to comply
I can pass through soft tissue but not so much bone, and when absorbed by a metal a pretty picture is born
So last but not least, gamma rays will clean up, disinfecting the equipment used to open you up, I can kill cancer and bacteria too emitted from the stars flying through the vacuum

Synth step, manz in the classroom you looking through the glass tube looking at the sky blue but if you wanna pass through you gotta know the spectrum and you gotta know it all true and if you don’t pursue to you’re gonna get that grade U
Thanks for sitting back as we made our debut, and nothing that we said will ever be untrue revise and redo till its stuck like a tattoo and sit back relax and let the chorus haunt you!

Electromagnetic spectrum ahhhh, it’s here to haunt you, with its lethal wave lengths, you can’t fight it ooooo


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