Austin and Ally Story Ep. 63





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Published on Jul 18, 2012

Austin and Ally Story Ep. 63

Austin: We should head back to Sonic Boom, see what the girls are up too! *stands up*
Dez: Ok! *stands up and they both walk to Sonic Boom*
-They walk in-
Ally: *cleaning up*
Trish: *reading magazine*
Austin: Hey!
Ally: Hey!
Austin: When's your dad coming back?
Ally: Tomorrow. why? *curious*
Austin: Just wondering, *smiles*
Ally: Wanna stay at mine tonight? I hate staying alone!
Austin: *laughs a bit* Sure! *smiles*
Ally: *smiling and hugs him*
Austin: *hugs back tight*
Ally: Your warm again! *giggles*
Austin: *smiles*

-The four of them, just hang out for the day, they went to see a movie and went to the foodcourt, now Austin&Ally head back to Ally's-
Ally: *opens door and walks upstairs-
Austin: *follows her*
Ally: *goes into her bedroom* I'm so tired!
Austin: Me too! *sits down on her bed*
Ally: *jumps on her bed and takes off her shoes and lies down*
Austin: *lies next to her*
Ally: *turns to face him* Make me warm! *giggles*
Austin: Alright!.You asked for it! *smiles and takes off his shirt and wraps his arms around her* Now! *smiles and closes his eyes*
Ally: *giggles* Your so cute!
Austin: Thanks! *smiles*
Ally:...*doesnt say anything, then looks at Austin* What would you do if I got pregnant?
Austin: *eyes wide open* Your pregnant?
Ally: No!! *laughs* What would you do if I got pregnant?
Austin: Be happy I guess *smiles*
Ally: *smiles*
Austin: *kisses her*
Ally: *kisses back and pulls away* So what did you REALLY do to Eric when he asked you that question? *giggles*
Austin: I just talked to him..*looks away*
Ally: *raises an eyebrow* Really?
Austin: *sighs* I pushed him up agaisnt the wall by his shirt and..shouted in his face! *laughs*
Ally: *bursts out laughing* Austin!
Austin: *laughs*
Ally: It's cute how your so protective! *smiles*
Austin: *smiles*
Ally: I'm so tired, I actually feel sore! *looks at him, barely could keep her eyes open*
Austin: *tries to keep laughter in* I'm sorry!
Ally: Boys! *rolls eyes playfully and closes eyes* Goodnight baby! *smiles big*
Austin: *kisses her and hugs her tight* Goodnight! *smiles*

-They both fall off to sleep-
Austin: *wakes up and see's Allys still asleep* Aww *smiles and gets up slowly incase he wakes her, still shirtless and sits down looking at her room*
Ally: *wakes up* what time is it? *sleepy voice and stretches*
Austin: *clears throat* 9am! You sleep well?
Ally: Yeah, your body's always warm! *giggles* Especially when your shirtless!
Austin: *laughs a bit*
-They go downstairs and make breakfast-

*2 WEEKS LATER, it was Ally's birthday and they went out for the day and went for a meal,*
(Sorry that I didn't write about Allys birthday, just had more ideas coming)

-2 months later-
Ally&Trish: *watching a movie*
Ally: *feels sick* I'll be right back! *runs to the bathroom and touches her forehead*
Trish: *follows her into the bathroom* You okay?
Ally: I think I might have the flu, from that indian food we got yesterday!
Trish: Oh no!
Ally: *looks in the mirror and see's her face going pale*

WOW Ally's sick? Hmmm!

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