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Published on Mar 26, 2010

C14 - A Hero's Farewell / A Hero's Farewell

Despite issues with the Hyphy Movement, the San Francisco Bay Area residents who prove that it doesn't deserve to be called the "Yay Area", the shallow girls who would say "wanna suck my pee" just to mock me, and the Oakland rioters, I decide to do a Let's Play for Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. There are 3 other games that I want to LP at some point, but since MageKnight404 is LPing DoR, I thought I'd do the same. Mainly to show off my micro skills and show how microing is done. If anybody feels offended by me talking about that, I apologize. I'm just bugged by the mistakes people keep making. I'm not by any means perfect, but it doesn't help that, according to a reliable source at least, the game's apparent best player has bad microing, certainly for his (supposed) skill level. I do know that like any elitist, he gets arrogant too--and like I said to SlimKirby, better unskilled than arrogant.

We get into the heart of Lazuria's defenses so that we can somehow quickly settle a war that has lasted a freaking century, something that World War 1 and 2 hadn't come close to doing. We attack with our own forces, but we are at a disadvantage on both the land front and the sea front. To my annoyance, this will take a while, and would even if I had flanked from the west peninsula instead of the closed space on the east. Fortunately, we EVENTUALLY get through and defeat the Worthy Opponent Forsythe, who makes a plan to be a Silent Scapegoat to protect the Lazurians. Because being a Silent Scapegoat realistically works as well as it did in Code Geass which because of it has an Esoteric Happy Ending with Karma Houdinis aplenty. Of course, the real problem arises when we hear how much of a Complete Monster that Greyfield is, alerting us too little too late of the atrocities Greyfield commits at the end of this chapter....

*General strategy: not working my way through the west peninsula so as to have the enemy flanked, instead of playing defense on one simple front.
*Moving the Mech 2N on Day 2. I didn't see the Light Tank.
*Putting the Light Tank 1S of the Factory when it should be the Medium Tank there to gut the Light Tank ambush.
*Not having my healthy Cruiser attack on Day 3, since I was planning to join both of my Cruisers anyway.
(Using the Infantry to block the Fighter is counterintuitive, but blame the Seaplane actually hurting the Fighter with a first attack.)
*Not using the Rig to start construction on a Temporary Airport on Day 7.
*Moving the Fighter away from the area for repairs.
*Moving the Medium Tank into a "safe" location on the other side of the river. I had beating the map faster in mind, but NOT rushing would have been faster instead.
*Moving the Infantry 1N on Day 10 instead of into the APC. This gets the Infantry OHKed by the AA Tank.
*Not attacking the Transport Helicopter from the south where the AA ordinance couldn't get my Fighter on Day 11.
*Battleship/Sub positioning on Day 14 let the Battleship get attacked by the Battle Helicopter--which I didn't see.
*Not attacking the Infantry from the east with the Battle Helicopter on Day 15 without worry of the Duster.
*Why am I trying to flank the enemy from the east? It's a freaking closed space. It ends up costing me the Fighter when I have to attack the Duster on Day 20 (which ISN'T a mistake in review despite me not noticing that there was a Beach for the AA Tank to get onto to strike my Fighter from).
*Not having my leveled up full health Fighter bait/scare the Duster despite the Temporary Airport and lack of nearby AA threat.
*Having the Battle Helicopter not moved on Day 19 when the Mech would have been better in that position simply for an easier repair job.
*Not using the north Battleship to hit the AA Tank while the middle one hits the Cruiser.
*Not hitting the Fighter on Day 22, since the only adjacent Beach was too far for the only remaining AA Tank to get onto. (Granted, I was frazzled by the Beach stupidity.)
*Not using either of the damaged tanks for the second attack on the Light Tank.

Mistake count: 67
Casualty count: 6 (+2)
Join count: 2

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