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Published on Nov 10, 2011

NOTE: This review was done after completing the campaign on Normal mode and playing both the coop and competitive multiplayer.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Players: 1-4
Network Players: 2-18
Required Hard Drive Space: 50MB
HD Video Output: 480P/720P/1080i/1080p

Sledgehammer Games

Rated: M

Blood and Gore
Drug Reference
Intense Violence
Strong Language

---------- CAMPAIGN ---------

Pros: Continue the intense campaign right where MW2 left off.
Wonderful pacing.
Non stop exaggerated action.
Plenty of memorable moments.
Best FPS campaign since COD4.

If rushed, can be relatively short.
Enemy AI is relentless on harder modes.

---------- COOP ----------

Coop has it's own ranking system and unlockables.
Auot-Matchmaking has been added.
Plenty of trophies to hunt down.
Coop is strong enough to last many hours.
Good amount of missions.


---------- MULTIPLAYER ----------

Minor upgrades add to the already popular COD formula.
Insane amount of game modes.
Large amount of weapons and equipment.
New killstreak system.
Same fast paced arcade action you expect from COD.

The upgrades are not enough to justify this as a new experience.
More of the same.
Literally looks and feels like MW2.
This game could have been so much more.

---------- OVERALL ----------

MW3 feels like MW2.5.

While the single player and coop are truly the best parts about MW3, the sole reason people buy this game is to hop online which is a huge disappointment.

Infinityward pretty much relied on the name for sales and did not deliver a fresh experience, something the fans honestly deserved.

MW3 online brings almost nothing new to the franchise which is strange since Treyarch went a different route last year and succeeded. The strong single player and coop saved this game from getting a lower score in the end. If you did not like MW2, don't bother with MW3. It's pretty much the same game.

Final Verdict - 8/10

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Comments • 241

@30NIGHTCRAWLER30 That about sums it up for COD.
@TheLondonFeller it looks blurry on 360 aswell, mw2 looked sharper i swear
@AndroidPhone1 OFCOURSE cod sells better than gears, because gears is only on 360! uncharted 3 sold 3.8 million on the first day, thats ONLY on ps3! mw3 sold 8 million, but thats on 360, ps3 & wii combined! do the math its like ur favourite rapper- his first album is always the best, everybody jumps on the hype train, then 5 years later he's releasing horrible albums but they sell 10x more than his first one activision are still eating of cod 4 basically
@TheLondonFeller neither version is 720p this is cod where talking about here lol, there both around 600p native resolution & upscaled to 720p- there are very few games which are actually true HD but yes cod always runs better on 360,but how much blurrier the ps3 version is, i dont know- but there probably isnt much difference given the fact there running at the exact same resolution the multiplayer was handled by raven software with help from treyarch,i think thats why the graphics look shit
@TheLondonFeller black ops was running at a significantly lower resolution on the ps3 which is why it looked like shit, but with mw3 there the same resolution- mw2 looked pretty much identical on both consoles as far as upscaling- the more u have to stretch an image the more quality u lose, so infact a 600p image upscaled to 1080p would look worse than it would upscaled to 720p both versions of the game support 1080p, so theres no difference in resolution or upscaling
@TheLondonFeller 704p is actually pretty good for an fps, i cant think of many that run higher on console, other than 1 or 2 exclusives battlefield does look like shit to my eyes though, on console- the current hardware just cant handle the engine- screen tear is horrible, some of the worst ive ever seen yeah im anxious for the new consoles to come out aswell, the current gen is pretty much maxed out now i think there announcing the 720 next year
@JeremyEr10 or UT, Quake, BF3, CoD1,...
@AcidSnake87 I thought Killzone 3 had the best FPS campaign in a LONG time dude, it was a lot longer too and the graphics absolutely shitted on any COD game.
Vic Robbins
Ima name the best cods in the order from best to worst in my opinion. Call of Duty 4, Black Ops, World at War, Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warfare 3.
halo 3 has the best controls FO LYFE!
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