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Published on Jul 24, 2009

Delta Force and S.A.S. are the two most elite Special Forces units in the world. Though Delta Force is based off of S.A.S., people still argue over wether Delta force is better than S.A.S...You decide whos better.

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Lewie Dewie
SAS is the original special forces, and most special forces are based on them, ohh yeah and they trained delta force. The SAS is the god of special forces 
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+Rob Gray maybe another terrorist attack in west London m8
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Chris Parker
Who the fuck cares? Both are comprised of some of the bravest and most elite warriors known to man. And both have fought side by side together. I'm proud of both. Why would you want to know whose better anyways? Do you foresee them fighting against each other? I don't.
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David Brooke what does N mean?
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The SAS are the originals; they invented the techniques which Delta Force now emulate. The SAS are the archetype of all modern special forces units, and are the standard by which all others are measured. The SAS were kicking ass and taking names while the founders of Delta Force were still in nappies.
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keirfree senior how are you and your knee m8?
arriviste2020 hi m8, you still alive?
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Marko Fahrenheit
Me and my mates down the pub are the best. Six pints and we can take and beat any fucking spec ops team from anywhere... at pool.
Josh Foulkes
You can forget the shots... Jeez
CarLover YT
Wait, doesn't Delta force basically piggy back of SAS? meaning SAS is the father/ mother, Delta is the rookie.              S.A.S is better :) 
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Matthew Dobbs
CarLover YT little bit of nonsense there.
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When the Delta Force need rescued they call in the SAS.
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Archie Tattershall
Ur all FUCKIN stupid, why don't you all just appreciate the fact that each of our countries has an elite fighting force rather than picking holes in each other's militaries, I bet you any money that if you asked a delta force veteran they would have fuck ton of respect for the SAS and if you asked and SAS veterans they would say they have a fuck ton of respect for Delta Force. The SAS were compromised by unskilled farmers because if they shot them that would stick with them for the rest of their lives, every time they would see their kids they would think of the goat herders which they killed. I also bet before you comment to say that delta force would have the balls to pull the trigger that you wouldn't, because I sure as hell wouldn't.
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PL Pepper
If you ask the Delta boys, they'll tell you the SAS are the dads. Delta was set up with help from The SAS after Charlie Beckworth had been on SAS training and ops. The US brass laughed it off at first...until they saw the light. SAS invented CRW, hostage rescue, frame charges, flash bangs, heli-jumping and even the modern way of firing a pistol. (Thanks to 'the master') When germany had a plane hostage rescue needed, the SAS sent over 2 (yes two) troopers to get it done. They did. The Delta boys gave the SAS some brand new stingers, never been used before to use in the Falklands war. SAS have trained every friendly special forces in the world. They even stopped Israel from joining in the Iraq war by stopping the scuds being launched at them, something general Schwarzkopf acknowledged. Today on selection, two US ranks are sent over to complete the course and to take back what they've learnt to the US troopers. Brothers in arms, brothers in peace. No other countries can train this close or work together with such clarity and ease. Beer's all round lads.....and don't forget the good old Aussies who are part of the SAS family. The first US commandos were trained by The British in Scotland during WW2....anyone interested read up on Mirbat with nine SAS defending against 400 enemy....and Malaya where a small force of troopers won the communists.
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+barracuda7018 you really are a fuck wit! How did Delta force start off you stupid idiot. Who did StormyNorm Use in the gulf. He words on US SF you couldn't do your job in v/nam or in panama or in GW1 what makes you think you can do it here (GW2) he tried the SAS rest is history! Was it in panama where you seals dressed as ladies? The reason seals got away with it is because the seals are a bunch of ladies and couldn't tell the difference lol
+barracuda7018 you talk like a cunt. All western Sf base they training and tactics from the SAS highly exaggerated lol that's a insult coming from yank. Everything the yanks do is highly exaggerated DEVGRU lol just remember you can join the seals from being a bum on the streets to school leavers with no military back ground 
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Stanley Okimoto
I doubt if SAS and Delta operators worry about who's the best, it's only armchair generals and keyboard warriors who do...
Lewie Dewie
Nah they do argue over it, my uncle was SAS, they are all friends and allies but there is small disputes over who's better
SAS looks more serious lmho
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dave setchell
+Mazwell96 Yeah, you're are correct.. Its much more relaxed now than it was, although active members of SF are advised not to tell anyone as you could be making yourself a target (and those around you)..Thats why they black the eyes out in pics/blurr the faces/hide the voices in interviews.. Its up to the soldier, but you are advised against it.
+RL Gaming yes you can tell people you were in the SAS after retirement.
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James Dean
I always get a kick out of the British penis envy they display towards America.
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Josh Foulkes
John Smith fuckin burnnnn
John Smith
+James Dean If the British economy is in the toilet, despite being the fastest growing Western one in the world, then what does that say about yours? Unemployment has also been at its lowest since the recession hit in 2009 and is in fact just 3% higher than the US' rate of 5.3%, down from 7.1% since January 2014, according to the BBC. Continue lying to yourself though, it makes you look like a very smart individual.
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