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Original song- "More Than Gold"





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Uploaded on May 25, 2011

Hi everyone this is my summer special. :) Hope you won't throw any tomatoes at it. I'm doing two songs here,the first one is an old instrumental from way back with just two acoustic guitars and a bass and with an upbeat tempo. The second song is very recent from about 2 weeks ago. It's a love song called More Than Gold and I do get inspired by all you beautiful gals here. And to all the guys and gals here,you're all the coolest Earthlings! The sound is not that good,couldn't get it right on my webcam mic but it's all I got. You'll have to put the volume up. And if you think I'm losing it and going bonkers,well you just may be right. ;) lol This vid was made on my ship on 05-25-11 and I'm lip syncing,no live singing. The talking parts are live unless I'm a dummy and some ventriloquist is using me. ;)
Here are the lyrics and I love you all! :)

"There was a time when I felt fine
and I smiled everyday,
but that was before you went away from me

Now all I do is think of you and see you
in the eyes of my mind,
I spend my days just trying to find my way

Don't you know that it's worth
more than gold to find someone who really cares,
Don't let me be the one
to count up all of my tears

It's in your eyes,your beautiful eyes
and I'm drawn like a moth to a flame
I've never been the same
since you came my way and I wanna say

Come back come back baby
I wanna see the love in your eyes,
Girl don't you realize what you mean to me

Don't you know that it's worth more than gold
to find yourself a love so real,
and I want someone who I can love and hold
I know what I wanna feel

Love is worth more than gold
cause when we're making love it's real
and I want someone who I can love and hold
I know what I wanna feel

oh pretty baby it's real
oh I know it's real
Love is real,oh baby it's real"

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