Let's Play Super Robot Wars α - Scenario 6





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Published on Nov 18, 2011

Stage 6 アーガマ撃墜命令 (The Order To Shoot Down The Argama)

This stage marks the end of the first Super/Real route in the game. From this point on I can't promise you a Soft reset-less playthrough...

STORY SYNOPSIS (from MNeidengard):

Back at the Far East base, Commander Oka is hearing from Jamaican that
Neo-Zeon has begun full-scale oppressive war on the Earth. Jamaican
explains that at their current strength the Titans have a hard time stopping
this many Zeonians...which he blames on the anti-Titans movement. Oka
retorts that the Titans are nothing more than the private army of General
Jamitov and Colonel Basque, to which Jamaican replies that the Titans were
only founded because of the regular Army's incompetence. He also tells an
astonished Oka that the Titans are soon to assume control of the whole
Federation Army and plan to attack Jion. Oka informs him that the heavy-handed Titans are just going to arouse the Spacenoid's ire, to which Jamaican states that the Spacenoids are the enemy. And, that a detachment of them
landed near South Atalia. Jamaican says that if the Spacenoids get their
hands on the EOT stored there, a far greater tragedy than a colony drop will
occur. He orders Oka to attack a supposedly Zeonian ship with a Federation
IFF transponder headed towards the Far East base, and refuses to tell Oka
any of the details of the Titans' operational plans. He warns Oka that
Jamitov himself is interested in the goings-on there and that he'd better
deliver if he values his position. Your dudes, having just gotten back, wonder what the fuss is and are more than a little skeptical about why Zeon would send a lone ship to attack the base. You get to decide whether you
think it's an enemy or not. If you think it's friendly, it'll just be you
going out at first; if not, Kouji will be with you.

Thinking it's hostile will be worth a Skill Point.

It turns out to be the Argama, which Hayato correctly identifies. Duo emerges, although Bright tells him not to attack the Far East base - that
their enemy is the Titans who have been disrupting things in the colonies.
Duo replies that Yugo is really an anti-Earth Federation group, and that the
normal army isn't likely to understand their objectives. Duo insists that
the base and the army are his enemy anyway. If you thought they're the
enemy, you get two turns until the real enemy arrives. If not, Duo will
attack you for trivial damage and you get confirmation that they're
friendly...and the real enemy pops up right then and there. That's Brocken
and some Neo-Zeonians under Mashmar who tells Brocken not to order him
around. He tells Gordon (who's feeling rather unlucky being sent here) that
he has to fight with all his heart to lead the Earth Sphere in the proper
direction and to win freedom for the Spacenoids.

If Quatro and Mashmar cross swords, Mashmar will demand to know why Char,
the Red Comet, has become their enemy... Brocken attacking
Getter Robo will also cause Ryou to demand to know what Brocken's plans are.
He doesn't respond. Kouji will threaten to use his head as a rugby ball,
continuing from his previous threat to use it as a soccer ball (Brocken is
not impressed).

Oka apologizes after the battle for suspecting the Argama; Bright isn't mad.
Oka had heard that Bright had been tapped to command the 13th Independent
Batallion's Whitebase, but due to various circumstances Bright is in with Brg.
General Brecks Forer's Yugo. Quatro says that their objective is to free the
people of Earth from the oppression of the Federation army and the portion of
the Federation government who supports them. Oka asks Quatro what he intends
to do after the Titans and Neo-Zeon are defeated: peace seems to be the
eventual goal. Oka is greatly relieved to hear this, and explains his past
objections to the founding of the Titans are based on the fact that the Titans
are opening great rifts between the Earth and space. Bright says that they
came to the Far East base to solicit Oka's tacit approval of the Argama's
operations. Quatro says they intend not to cause any inconvenience as they
attack the Titans and Neo-Zeon on their own initiative. Oka, no idiot, says
that he's only too glad to help those who are actually performing the army's
stated mission, which is to protect the peace of the Earth Sphere. The pilots
then take some time to get acquainted, and Boz gets made fun of for not
revealing his real name - and Duo gets made fun of for his weird Gundam.


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