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Published on Dec 15, 2008

Head MRI.

This is just part of the outcome of chiropractic head jerking to 'adjust' my neck. My neck had been good, strong and without sign of any problem or weakness prior to me presenting for help with lower back spasm. However, the Australian chiropractor informed me they must treat my whole spine!

Hence my *head* was repeatedly and increasingly powerfully tugged obliquely against either the left or right limit of pharyngo-basilar/ anterior neck ligament extensions. The last extreme manipluation (which I was not warned of before-hand) then caused complex clinoid/ sphenoid/ temporal bone fracturing, internal bleeding with on-going left side internal movement and inflammation pressures to nerves, arteries, hypothalamus etc.

Only another person having similar injury can begin to understand how devastating this is to everyday life. Talking, moving my head or left arm and walking cause serious debilitation, also I cannot maintain social contact in ways risking a possibility for distraction or emotional trigger to overcome my concious guarding against involuntary internal muscle reactions. Those same and entirely natural base of skull muscle movements are what everyone painlessly experiences as moment by moment responses to every sensory input, emotion and bodily movement *without realising*.

!* DO NOT let anyone jerk or tug your head in order to 'treat' or 'adjust' your neck or spine *!

Now I might appear normal, and anyone who has not seen my scans might erroneously assume an understanding of what I should or should not be able to do. Yet I *must* literally sit or stand silently looking downwards for hours resting (to ease away internal inflammations and pressures induced by all 'everyday' efforts I make), and daily I'm reduced to calmly watching birds in the garden, or reading etc. I also need to stay out of the cold and keep my head warm (as per sitting in sunlight) in order to keep muscles from tightening and inducing neuralgia. The internal pains and debilitation I live through, and which shut down my capabilities, are worse than I could possibly describe.

So I can no longer walk normally, nor run because involuntary muscle movements involved with balance stun me internally like an electric shock. I can no longer sing nor shout either, because voice muscles induce sharp pains plus only half my throat functions. Nor can I even whistle or hum a favourite tune to myself, because my throat additionally pulls on my inner ear via the eustation tube.

And to top all that - the so called radiology 'professionals' report this and all other of my head scans as being entirely *normal*.

The very first consultant told me to my face that he would not become involved with Court proceedings, in effect meaning via 'his' radiologist I immediately became denied the necessary medical treatment I otherwise should have received had my injury resulted from say a motor vehicle accident !

How could any radiologist operating a £1,000,000 scanner (bought by taxpayers to benefit patients, not 'doctors') state *no abnormality* on this one ?

It appears that fundamental honesty and basic moral fibre have become casualties through manipulation of information by those perceiving a self importance enough to opinionate *falsehoods* as if Truth.

Thus Radiology became the route via which doctors could charge for consultations and repeat investigations, yet leave me steadily deteriorating without the treatment I needed, rather than for them to report truthfully about this extremely rare injury. Why ?
Answer - reporting truthfully would oblige them to establish the manner in which these serious internal injuries must have been induced; ie. pharyngeal regions of the base of my skull were (remain) abnormally fractured *inferiorly* without there being any signs of external injury or onset due to sport or accident etc. !!!!!

After being active and fit, never having had a sick day off work in my life, nor ever being unemployed, I found myself (after one year of fighting myself attempting to keep going and cope with these 1993 injuries) jobless and incapacitated with on-going cranial neuralgias - as if punched on the nose + hit on the side of the head with a shovel + stabbed deep inside of my left ear.

Later a friend told me someone else had been hurt at that same 'Back Clinic', and the chiropractor had moved away. Recently, via the Internet, I've discovered he is still 'practicing', in Glasgow - Scotland.

Well had I not gone to that chiropractor with my bad back, then I too would still be working today, and my family's future plans would not have been devastated - for they too have all suffered just as much as I have - and like me - they still are.

And do be *very careful* who you end up believing, lest you too perpetuate or act wrongly upon the falsehoods of others !


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