Taking Chances Episode 17: More than friends?





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Published on Jan 10, 2010

Hey guys, Arianna here. Just wanted to let you know that i L-O-V-E you :-x. I did a makeover to my Youtube page, if your not busy, check it out and leave a message ;-). Paycee♥

Ashlei: *unlocks the stall and cleans her face up (from crying)* i look horrible, i have no makeup on eww. -quitley tip toes and opens the door quitley-

Justins standing right there.

Ashlei: -turns red, then turns around and heads to the door-
Justin: *grabs Ashlei's arm* NO! Your not leaving! I waited here for 5 hours! YOUR NO WAY IN HELL GOING BACK IN THERE! ( :] he was being a gentleman by not going in the ladies room! [: )
Ashlei: -turns around-
Justin: Ugh, im sorry to yell, but....uh...can we just talk about this instead of you avoiding me?
Ashlei: -takes a deep breathe- ugh...fine, if thats what you want.
Justin: *grabs Ashlei's hand and takes her outside of the school on a bench* So, like, im really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, rea-
Ashlei: Justin, stop. I get it, your sorry.
Justin: -smiles- really, i am.
Ashlei: I know -smiles back- i just don't get it. Why did you tell me those things?
Justin: I didn't mean to, it just comes out when im upset. I have no idea.
Ashlei: So about your Dad and Mom fighting....?
Justin: That was true...but the other things, kinda, weren't.
Ashlei: -sighs- oh....
Justin: Why, i mean it's not like you WANTED them to be true -laughs to himself-
Ashlei: -fake smiles- yeah.
Justin: -stops laughing- wait, did you?
Ashlei: Would you be mad if i said yes?

JustinPOV: OMG! So she's saying that she wanted me to see her in the future? Is she saying she likes me? OMG! End of POV

Justin: Uhm......
Ashlei: Listen, Justin, im just going to come out and say it because i can't take it anymore! I liked you ever since day 1. I'm sorry i hurt you, and i'm sorry i said i couldn't be your friend anymore. I was just so upset and heartbroken because Luke broke up with me. But as soon as i got over it, i started to like--i mean love you. Actually, i never stopped loving you Justin. I just knew that i had no chance with you, i mean your famous and im a normal girl. It's a difference, a big one. And when you said those things to me 2 nights ago, i got all excited because i thought you were saying that you liked me to. When you tried to kiss me, i had to reject you because i had a boyfriend at the time. (she broke up with Mitchell)But i really wanted to, i just couldn't. Then the next day when you told me that it was a misunderstandment, i knew, that you didn't like me. I knew that i never wanted to see your face ever again. But that wasn't right! Me not being your friend just because you don't like me the same way that i like you. I don't know Justin, im sorry *looks down* i was stupid, and im really sorry and i hope that you forgive me! IM SORRY! -starts to cry-

Justin: -speechless- It's okay Ash -hugs her-
Ashlei: -sobs against his chest-
Justin: I love you too.

AshleiPOV: Did he just say i love you too? No way, im imagining it, i wish haha end of POV

Ashlei: -looks up at him to see him smiling- you what?
Justin: I said i love you too. -pushes Ashlei's head gently against his chest-
Ashlei: -smiles-

OKAY! Thats Episode 17 for ya! :-) what do you think, are they going to be more than friends, or did this whole conversation just mean that they are going to be friends again? Haha, guess ;-)!! Episode 18 will be up tomorrow around 4-9. So late? Because i have school at 6 in the morning! Then i get home at 3 and then i do homework and get ready for school. I hope you enjoyed the Episode, it's one of my favorites. I made Justin really sweet in the Episode huh? ;).



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