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Published on Sep 4, 2018

In this episode, Sue will be unboxing two LOL Surprise Confetti Pop toys, two LOL Surprise Glitter Series toys, and two LOL Surprise Lil Sisters toys. One of each series will be real and the other one will be fake. Watch the video closely, memorize all the signs that indicate an original toy and don't let anybody fool you! Get ready for a toy review!


- Real L.O.L. Surprise! ball never comes in a box. The fake ball we got was packed in a square box. We had to pull a tag to remove a part of the cardboard packaging in the front to reveal the ball inside. We still had to open the box to take the ball out.

- The images on the outer layers are completely different if you put them side to side. The real ball has a picture of one of the dolls and the fake one only has a glitter silhouette with a question mark.

- The real L.O.L. Surprise! logo is hot pink and the logo on a fake LOL Surprise! ball is red.

- On a real ball, there's a name of the series printed under the logo (GLITTER SERIES In our case). And there's a line DOLL WITH MIX & MATCH ACCESSORIES on a fake ball.

- The original toy ball has all the surprises listed and featured on the outer layer. The fake one doesn't have surprises' descriptions.

- The original ball has a serial number printed just above the image of a bottle with a barcode. The fake Surprise ball doesn't have a serial number.

- The real ball has MGA legal lines printed on the bottom, the fake toy ball doesn't have those.

- There are two upper layers on a fake ball and only one secret message. The fake secret message doesn't have the answer key and the real one does.

- The packaging of blind surprises is different. The real blind surprise is packed in a pink bag with black dots and a logo. The fake blind bag is just pink of a different shade.

- The baby bottle in a real LOL ball is made of thick rubber and has a glittery cap. The baby sippy cup in a fake ball is one single color and doesn't have an obvious cap.

- Baby shoes in a real surprise toy seem to be more sophisticated and elegant with well made tiny details. Fake shoes are more roughly cut.

- The fake ball is just one solid color and the real ball is gold and almost seem holographic.

- The caps on each ball under the last layer have their differences too. The real one has some letters imprinted on it and the fake one doesn't.

- There's a doll catalog in the original ball and no such thing in a fake toy.

- The dolls are so different! And you can tell which one is which right away! The fake doll has its head separated from the body and wrapped in a plastic wrap (weird!). The head of the fake doll has a different skin tone than the rest of the body. It also doesn't have any glitter on it. Come on, it's a Glitter Series Doll, people! And the real doll is such a beauty with glitter hair! (Spoiler alert: we got Miss Baby with her turquoise outfit, tall white crown, and adorable brown hair).


- If you place a fake ball on a table it'll roll away.

- The original ball has a hashtag #CollectLOL as well as TM signs printed on the outer wrapping layer and the fake one doesn't.

- The fake ball doesn't have a serial number.

- No secret message and no stickers in a fake ball! :((( The original one has one sticker and one secret message. Wait, we found stickers. But they are from a different series Confetti Pop!

- Blind bags are not really blind in a fake ball, they are transparent! And the real surprise toy has all the surprises securely wrapped in pink baggies with black dots and logos.

- The fake doll has really sloppy paint and looks cheaply made. The real LOL baby changes color!

Watch the video till the end to find out how to spot a fake LOL Surprise Confetti Pop toy!

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