鄧麗君 ~ 有誰知我此時情 Teresa Teng - Who Now Knows My Feeling




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Published on Jan 27, 2013

A lovely Chinese love song from Teresa Teng's album 淡淡幽情專辑 (Light Exquisite Feeling), 1983. The lyrics is an old, sensitive Chinese poem. Music by James Wong Jim (黃霑), arranged by Joseph Koo (顧嘉煇), poem: "鷓鴣天" (Partridge at the sky / Zhegu tian) by Nie Shengqiong (聶勝瓊) from Song era (960-1279).

This is a fan-made music video, which I've edited myself. Video was originally uploaded on my old YouTube channel (Teiska123) on July 2010, and it is dedicated to my dear Chinese 'Mei Mei' (Little Sister) Lizz. This was my second TT video.

The Chinese lyrics have been translated into English by Gctlcda with slight editing by HkshipsForTeresaTeng. The Mandarin pinyin is contributed by HkshipsForTeresaTeng. Thank you for the permission to use this translation. The Finnish translation is made by me (Teisuka).

The Lyrics in Chinese and English:


(You shui zhi wo ci shi qing)
Who Now Knows My Feeling

玉 慘花愁出鳳城
(yu can hua chou chu feng cheng)
Jade fading, flowers in sorrow as I leave Phoenix City,
(lian hua lou xia liu qing qing)
Below the Lotus Pagoda, willows are brightly green.
樽前 一唱陽關曲
(zun qian yi chang yang guan qu)
Sing a Yangguan tune in front of my wine goblet,
(bie ge ren ren di wu cheng)
Bid farewell to everyone on my fifth trip.
(xun hao meng meng nan cheng)
Searched for a nice dream but it didn't come to pass,
(you shui zhi wo ci shi qing)
Who now knows my feeling?
(zhen qian lei gong gie qian yu)
Tears in front of the pillow chime with raindrops in front of the steps,
隔個窗兒 滴到明
(ge ge chuang er di dao ming)
Across the windowpane both drip till day-break.

The Finnish translation / Suomenkielinen käännös:

Kuka tietää tunteeni nyt?

Jade hiipuu, kukat suruissaan kun jätän Feeniksin kaupungin,
lootus-pagodin alla pajut ovat kirkkaan vihreitä.
Laulan Yangguanin sävelmän viinipikari edessäni,
lausun jäähyväiset kaikille viidennellä matkallani.
Tavoittelin kaunista unelmaa, mutta se ei toteutunut.
Kuka tietää tunteeni nyt?
Kyynelet edessäni tyynyllä säestävät
sadepisaroiden kanssa tulevia vaiheitani.
Ikkunaruudun poikki molemmat tippuvat aamunkoittoon asti.


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