Essay 79 The Kinematics of Planar Orbits





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Published on Dec 2, 2016

An essay, written and narrated by Myron W. Evans, PhD, DSc, discoverer of Einstein Cartan Evans (ECE) Theory.
This is a remarkable essay. The Spin Connection of ECE theory is revealed by rotating the axes, instead of the unit vector. Also, Dr Evans explains the motion of spiral galaxies: "The new kinematic method shows that the hyperbolic spiral orbit results in a constant velocity as r becomes infinite. This fact was discovered by astronomers in about 1960, and neither Newton nor Einstein can begin to describe it. The kinematic sub theory of ECE theory describes it perfectly and shows that the star emerges from the central part of the whirlpool galaxy."
ECE Theory is the correct unified field theory. It correctly predicts spiral galaxies, and can derive all equations of physics, without the use of dozens of "adjustable parameters" (which general relativity requires).


Dr Evans' ECE Theory website: http://aias.us/
Free list of downloadable Essays, and other publications, based on ECE Theory: http://aias.us/index.php?goto=showPag...
Dr Evan's list of "Unified Field Theory" (UFT) mathematical papers: http://aias.us/index.php?goto=showPag...

When Einstein developed General Relativity, in 1915, he chose the only known mathematical model for spacetime, Riemann geometry. Now, we know that his choice was not correct. Since he started with the wrong geometric model of spacetime, it is impossible for General Relativity to solve many of the mysteries in modern physics.

Einstein Cartan Evans (ECE) Theory is based on the correct geometric model of spacetime, Cartan geometry. Cartan geometry adds "spacetime torsion" to the standard model of physics. Spacetime torsion represents electro-magnetism, which does not exist in General Relativity. In contrast to the standard model of physics, ECE Theory is based only on geometry, with no arbitrary "fudge" factors added, like General Relativity requires.

ECE Theory replaces General Relativity, since ECE Theory produces the right answers, as verified by numerical calculations, and experimental data.

The simplest form of ECE Theory is an engineering model, consisting of eight equations, which replace the four Maxwell's Equations, from 150 years ago. Those equations explained the physics of electricity and magnetism. ECE Theory adds four new equations, which are identical to Maxwell's, but, the added equations control gravity, and time. The four new equations show a "spin connection resonance" with the four older electro-magnetism equations. This solution is what Einstein spent the last 40 years of his life searching for, but was not able to discover.

By creating the conditions for spin connection resonance, new physics effects can be engineered. The full set of eight ECE equations will allow new carbon-free energy sources to be developed, in the same way that present-day technology was engineered from Maxwell's four equations, when combustion was the only known energy source. Now, using ECE Theory, energy can be pulled directly from space-time, similar to a hydro-electric turbine, but without the need for falling water.

The rapid development of new, spin connection resonance, carbon-free energy sources, is a matter of survival for the entire planet.

"A lot of modern day physics is confused and wrong. Many good scientists can see this. Defending bad science, at whatever cost and in whatever way, hinders progress and must stop for the good of mankind. We live in an uncertain and increasingly dangerous world and scientists must work together, again, in ways that benefit society - not only themselves and their false philosophies."


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