1. Afternoon Banana (Man Spits Food At Dog)

  2. Red Panda Baby Surprise

  3. Buck Wild Deer Sex

  4. Big Boobs Brave Hurricane Sandy

  5. Cocky MMA Fighter Gets Knocked Out

  6. How To Pick Up A Girl at the Gym

  7. Hot Reporter Scared of Fish Blooper

  8. Best Justin Bieber Surprise Ever!

  9. Aja Dang Behind the Scenes

  10. Carrie Underwood Kisses 12 Year Old Boy

  11. Aja Dang Gets Wet

  12. Aja Dang Interview: Asians Rule!

  13. Bubble Butt Flip Cup Trick

  14. Epic Game Battle: Modern Warfare 3- Darth Vader/Yoda vs. Chuck/Zoron

  15. Girl Gets Butt Hole Tattoo

  16. Chik-Fil-A Same-Sex Kissing Protest

  17. Hottest Olympians 2012

  18. Epic Game Battle: Halo Reach- Batman/1960'sRobin vs. Chuck/Zoron

  19. Kate Upton Wet T-Shirt

  20. Microsoft Surface Presentation FAIL (AKA iPad Killer)

  21. Happy Fathers Day with Aja Dang

  22. Happy Flag Day from Jordan Carver!

  23. Madonna Nipple Flash in Concert to Muslim Audience

  24. Orvillecopter: Flying Dead Cat

  25. Cat Daddy Winner!!!

  26. Lindsay Lohan No Bra & Morph Over 25 years

  27. Lamborghini Crashes in Chicago Suburbs (short version)

  28. Team Iglesias VS Team Upton

  29. Big Boy tries to slam basketball at halftime show.

  30. Kate Upton does Cat Daddy in a bikini

  31. Muscle Douchebag

  32. Crazy Girl on Drugs Humps a Tree

  33. Girl doesn't understand meaning of MPH

  34. Girl wants Jeremy Lin

  35. Man shoots himself with glock

  36. Lambo Girl 1250hp

  37. Dog Gives Receipt

  38. Confounding Baby with Sounds

  39. Sad Packer Fan

  40. The Cat is planning something evil

  41. Last Friday Night Fail

  42. FedEx Guy Pushing Stove with Truck

  43. Penguin fetches Newspaper

  44. Puss'n Boobs

  45. Baby Rhino Sounds

  46. Dancing Salsa Dog

  47. Gaming Bearded Dragon!

  48. Epic Curse Battle Jenna Marbles vs Joe Pesci

  49. Happy Turkey Day!

  50. Wedding FAIL (Viral Alert)

  51. Hippo Rippo (Viral Alert)

  52. Halloween Dreams (Hooters Girls, Naughty School Girls, Playboy Bunnies and Zombies)

  53. Camel Crimes and Chicken Police

  54. iPhone4s can help find hookers.

  55. How to Pick up Girls

  56. Argentina's Dancing with the Stars

  57. Cinthia Fernandez does full monty uncensored

  58. Video Bomb


  60. Milking Jordan Carver

  61. Jordan Carver Interview

  62. Mother's Embarrassing Dance

  63. Female Drivers, No Survivors

  64. BIG GUNS

  65. How to drink water in space

  66. Man Surfs Train / Stupid train stunt

  67. Polar Bear Poops & Penguin Farts

  68. Smoking Hot Girl Prank "DO YOU SMOKE???"

  69. Fat Kid Eats It! (Blahhhh Review)

  70. Deer Gets Hit by Train

  71. It's a Wonderful CC Life

  72. Amazing Christmas!

  73. ShamPow Youtube Edition!!!

  74. Eat Out

  75. Halo 3:ODST Teabag Party

  76. Cat Attack

  77. Yacht Crash at Sea

  78. HOT Chick, Bingo and Kanye West

  79. Slap Happy!!

  80. Disgusting!

  81. Is Willis Real?

  82. New Media Moguls!

  83. Suck and Blow

  84. Funky Monkey

  85. Perez Punching Bag

  86. Happy Father's Day!!!

  87. Happy Flag Day!

  88. Fallout 3 is Nutz!!!

  89. Haterz be Pwned!

  90. Paola Corvea Saved Again!!!

  91. Paola Corvea Flagged!

  92. Worst Laugh Ever REVIEW

  93. The Net Savior

  94. Monkey Pee, Monkey Poo

  95. ShamPow!!!

  96. HouseHold wHacker

  97. Christian Bale Interview

  98. Best of the Clip Critics

  99. Fisting Obama