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Published on Oct 3, 2011

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Jon, I saw your article about your daughter. My true and sincere condolences. I don't believe any father should have to bury their own child. I hope you continue doing what you love doing and I am more than certain you are a loving and caring father. Let's hope that we can continue to live and feel life as best as we can, our best wishes to you.
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Patrice Hunt
Oops! I think you just showed you need to get out more...or become better informed...The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (note the name of Jesus Christ...) is the full name of the church that Mormons belong to.
Patrice Hunt
Sure does!! Hard, difficult-to-deal-with situations do not deny the existence of God...but rather reinforce it...which is how we are able to deal with such tragedies and continue living meaningful, productive lives...because is real, and loves us, comforts us, and helps us bear all things...Truly.
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Jaray Liu
Thumbs up if you were like holy crap! When he played with his elbow
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In America we go A, B, C, D, F. In the Universities and local Calleges we also have Pass-Fail. There is no S.
Erwin Latuhihin
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Kuya Bleck
I came here thinking he was gonna cover All of me by john legend
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same here,but this is better
troll face got trolled
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Ixxie Angel
I adore this piece so much. I am recovering from a serious car accident and listening to this always makes the pain just a little more bearable. Thank you so much!
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Prabha Sivam
My prayers for your well-being.
Truder Darkness
This song it's so good i very like this song i love you so much the piano guys !💕
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When you work hard and put in effort, it's called skill. When you're born with it, it's called talent. Clearly the piano is an extension of Jon's body, and music flows through his veins. I watch this once a week at least and never get tired of it. I'm attempting to learn it, but have zero interest in the sheet music. I want to play it like he does, and there's no sheet music for that. It will be a long process, but I feel the more I brainwash it into me, the easier it will become. In the meantime, I enjoy watching Jon play it over and over and over. Truly inspiring...
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The "secret" to being on a professional level, at just about anything, is intense interest at a young age. This way you "practice" many hours every day... although because you love it so much, you never think of it as work, you just love doing it. 10 years later, you're fking incredible and people call it talent. Not everyone can be the best of course, but many hours a day, every day, from a young age and pretty much anyone can be in the top 1% or so.
Shut the fuck up trying to sound emotional or philosophical, once per week is nothing compared to the actual effort you have to put in. I've been playing this song for 3-4 days now, listening to it half a dozen times a day, practicing for 3-4 hours a day. My wrist kinda gets sore a bit after each session, but its worth it, now Im at page 6, advancing 2 pages a day. If you really wanna get to play this song, stop talking nonsense about music in veins, talent or not, its hard work that pays. Plus, if you actually put in any effort instead of writing such a misleading comment, you could've found the sheet music in minutes, it's all over the internet. Stop bullshitting, get to work if you're really that 'brainwashed' by this song. Listening once per week won't get you anywhere. Cheers.
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Aidan Whipple
Can he donate some talent to everyone, he's got enough to go around...
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david kim
Aidan Whipple hahahahahhaha!!^^
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fr ji
Because of this video I started to gain interest in playing the piano. Now I am doing a masters in piano and I give a big thanks to you guys because without this video I wouldn't have discovered how beautiful playing the piano is. I'm simply in love with you thank you so much for your inspiration you give to people like me.
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fr ji
+ass face hahahah that looks nearly impossible but hey!, look at some prodigies like lang lang that didnt even attend music school. I guess then that if put ur mind into it you can do it in 3 years!
fr ji
+KnightOfLightning yeah i suppose it does click but with a lot of time and effort you make that click light up the bulb
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Luke Sorensen
I blame my piano for not sounding this nice.
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Joshua Icoqnito
The Elevator
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Rasta Pasta
This dude killed the game; he used his dang forearm.
Billy Faucet
Rasta Pasta I've seen this comment 100 times and I still laugh every time
Karl Sylvester Dolar
yas :0
inertial Turtle
My dream is that one day I will be able to play the first 10 seconds of this...
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Cassie Rexroad
+Luke Armstrong omg i hate playing with sweaty hands
Luke Armstrong
@Justin Powley Good Luck! Keep at it, and I believe that you'll get it! (I did) Honestly for me, playing on all the black keys helps for playing the main statement as it is easier to play fast on all black keys. It also sucks because when you're sweaty your fingers slip off.
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