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Published on Sep 6, 2012


After a rather lot of demand after 60 Reasons To Love Dan Howell, here is the follow up. For the amazing Mr. Phil Lester. SLOTH PARTY

Yeah and i hope you guys fucking appreciate this. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HARD I WORKED ON IT?! THE HOURS THAT WENT INTO THIS. I literally probably spent like 4 days on this..not like 4 days..the actual hours in 4 days..90 hours or something ridiculous. But whatever i must really like you guys or something.

SO PPPPPHHHHIIIIIWWWWWWLLLLL. If by some miracle you are watching/reading this right now, I HOPE YOU LIKE IT AND REALISE HOW BEAUTIFUL AND FLAWLESS AND AMAZING YOU ARE. I love you an unbelievable amount and your videos make my life and you are the sweetest human being in existence and CONGRATULATIONS on 300,000 subscribers! You deserve them, your videos are wonderful and here's 10 whole minutes dedicated to you and why the world loves you. Philion love♥

AND NOT TO DISAPPOINT (you guys probably wouldn't even ask but lol yolo) but this will be the last '60 Reasons' video i do. It was fun to make and i'm glad the original got such good reception, but it's a hefty video to make, which required hours of planning (yeah i know it doesn't seem like it) hours of making, hours of rendering and in total i've actually probably worked on- this one alone- for about 4 days..like the hours in 4 days..92 hours. Like..not even an exaggeration. But yeah i hope you enjoyed this and Dans 60 reasons, cause they're the last ones you're going to get! My tiny brain can only handle so much-___- but feel free to make your own!...unless i might make a '60 Reasons To Love Dan/Phil' ...together. That actually sounds quite fun to make..BUT IDK MAN.

Ooookay i'm going now. I hope you guys enjoy, and share my fellow Philions! LET THE WORLD KNOW! And feel free to send it to Phil and get him to see it too, that'd be awesome:3

IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE ORIGINAL, WATCH '60 Reasons To Love Dan Howell (danisnotonfire)' HERE! *Le yaaaaay*


SONGS ; (In order)
Panic! At The Disco ; Ready To Go (Get Me Out Of My Mind)
Little Comets ; Dancing Song (Yeah, before you ask 'WHERE'VE I HEARD THAT FROM?!' it's that one off the Radox advert)
The Naked And Famous ; Young Blood

OH AND ONE MORE THING BEFORE YOU GO: I'm not sure how many of you are thinking of it, but if any of you guys feel like you want to make a video demonstrating the reasons you love Dan/and or Phil, feel free, but if it's in the style similar to this video, it'd be lovely if you gave me a tiny bit of credit in your video, just a little mention, that's all! Not saying you'd even want to make a video, but a few people have already asked so i thought i'd get it out there just in case any more people wanted to! Ok CHOI NOW MY LOVELIES.

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ccl Wchtr
I dare you to watch this video without : - smiling/laughing - curling into a ball - dying from the cuteness
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Sophia• •Moore
I hate how people choose Dan or Phil. And when they say they like Dan better only because he's better looking. WELL GUESS WHAT HUNNY PHIL IS LITERALLY THE MOST ADORABLE BEAUTIFUL THING EVER (Dan too) AND YOU CANT JUST LIKE DAN OR PHIL!!! NONONONO ITS DAN AND PHIL. IF YOU DONT LIKE IT THEN THERES THE WINDOW CAUSE YOUR NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE THE DOOR. Thank you for reading my rant.
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Phil's first word was light.. Who knew that he would be the light of all of our lives
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Teresa Cao
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Bethany Ross
I'm literally sobbing. I don't understand how a single human has the capacity for such adorableness!! 
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Nerdling Productions
Phil is so underrated. He's so so sweet and is actually so adorkable! Plus he is like a little ray of sunshine on our terrible society on earth of bullies and haters. Phil is the ray of sunshine who can make someone smile even if they feel like crying.So in summary Phil is adorable and amazing and a great person!
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One of my friends HATES Phil, but loves Dan only because she thinks that Phil is ugly. She only likes Dan because he's cute, and that makes me really mad. Phil is adorable, in every way, and he's funny too. I used to like Dan better than Phil, even though my first ever Dan and Phil video was on Phil's channel. But I just hate it when she says that she hates Phil only for that stupid reason. She doesn't just say "I don't really like Phil." She says "I HATE Phil so much, he's so ugly!" And she says it right to my face when she KNOWS very much that I love Phil and she knows how proud I am of him. I love Dan too, but Phil is someone to be proud of. Dan is someone to be proud of too, I don't love any of them more than the other.
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ccl Wchtr
watches 30 seconds melts from cuteness come on .. you can do it ... only 10 more min to watch
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Vaneela Donot
i want phil to react to this is it just me yea okayyyyyy bye lol
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Dan is an abusive boyfriend
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