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Published on Jun 23, 2013

Follow these simple neck stretches and shoulder stretches and exercises to help reduce neck pain and shoulder pain. In this video Jessie Davis from Evolution Sport Therapy walks you through a typical athletic therapy treatment and shows you how to self-treat with stretches and exercises.

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Hi I'm Jessie Davis
and I want to show you
how I would treat
the functional and soft tissue elements
of neck and shoulder pain
as well as show you a few exercises
that you can start to implement into your daily schedule
in order to help rebalance your posture.
With Morgan
you'll notice that she has
the typical posture of someone
sitting at a desk all day.
Her chest muscles are shortened
her shoulders are rotated internally
and shrugged up
as well
her chin is poked forward
causing tightness at the base of her skull
as well as deep weak neck flexers.
Typically we'll use a variety of techniques
to treat this condition such as
active release techniques
soft tissue and myofascial release.
We'll start with pecks, lats, rotator cuff,
and cervical extensors.
Two muscles that really cause
the shoulders to appear rotated forward
are the pecks and the lats
so we'll start by releasing the pecks.
We'll do this by applying pressure to the
peck muscle.
Shortening it
and then stretching it
as we keep the pressure
We'll do this for about three to five times
or until we feel the muscle start to release.
To release up her lats
along with her teres muscles
we'll start with her laying on the side.
We'll apply a broad pressure into the muscle
Start with her shortened
and stretch the muscle
as before we'll do about three to five passes
or until we start to feel the muscle release.
In order to complete the functional component of this treatment
we'll also need to implement a home exercise
program that can completed daily.
We'll start with the peck stretch
So to do that we'll have morgan face the wall
and put her hand on the wall
She's going to aim to be a little bit above shoulder height
and she's going to turn her body away from the wall
in order to stretch the front of her chest.
She's going to want to make sure her should is dropped
however if you have should impingement
when you try bring the arm this high
you can just bring the arm lower
to a point that's a little more comfortable
with this you're going to want to hold it
for 30 seconds
and repeat it twice on each side.
To stretch out her lats
we'll get her to start in a kneeling position
with her hips sitting right back on her heels.
She's going to slowly reach forward
trying to get her chest and her face
as close to the floor as possible.
With this she should be feeling the stretch
all along the back into the arms.
If she wants to increase the stretch on either side
she would reach to the opposite.
So to stretch out her left side she'll
reach to the right
and to stretch out her right side she'll
reach to the left.
With this she'll want to repeat 30 seconds
twice on each side.
Next we're going to stretch out her suboccipital muscles
which are the small muscles
at the base of her skull
she's going to start in her natural position
which starts with her chin poked forward
she's going to slowly bring her chin back
into her throat
trying to flatten out the base of her neck.
She's going to hold this for about two to three seconds
and then she's going to slowly release.
She'll want to repeat that ten times
and do two sets of that.
Our last stretch is an active stretch
for her thoracic spine
She's going to want to start laying on her side
With her leg propped up on something
we've used a foam roller here
but you can use a cushion or a few pillows
to keep the knee in line with the hip.
From here she's going to look at her hand
and slowly open her arm up towards the ceiling.
Once her arm is inline with her chest
she's going to twist her upper back
towards the floor.
She's going to pause here for one second
and slowly come back to the start.
She's going to want to repeat this ten times
and perform two sets on each side.
And there's four stretches that you can start
to implement into your daily routine
to keep your chest, lats, neck and
thoracic spine nice and mobile.


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