Complicated Love! (Jemi Series) Ep. 21 *2/2* "Curiosity!





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Uploaded on Sep 5, 2010

Story Here!!!!!!!

Hey guys!!! So this was one of my favs. :D

Mrs. Norman had rearranged the room a few days ago, making our desks turn into a 160 degree angle to her desk from both sides of the divided room, leaving herself and her desk centered at the head of the room. So Joe's and mines desk faced the front of the room and was positioned at the very back and everyone else's curved forward as well. Making our desk not as noticeable unless they would turn back to look for us.

*Why do you ask? Did you miss me?* I scoffed and lifted my head from the table. *As if!* I said annoyed. *So then why did you ask?* I faced him once more and lowered my head to the table and spoke out in a whisper. *I was curious.* He smiled wider and I felt his hand go to my back and rub softly up and down. *Just admit it. You missed me and probably couldn't even concentrate because I was all you were thinking about.* Joe gloated and I scoffed yet again. *Why the hell would I miss you? I don't even care where you were.* I said turning forward still with my head lowered and my chin on the table. *So then why did you ask?* He said each word slowly with his smile still plastered on and his hand still on my back. *Whatever!* I laid my head against the table and faced away from him. His hand continued to run up and down on my back and as much as I would have pushed it off of me, I actually liked it. My eyes lids began to close and I felt myself drifting off but only to be woken by the bell ringing. *Ok, do the problems you didn't finish for homework.* I heard Mrs. Norman say as she walked into the hall to greet the next coming class.

Everyone had already started to leave as well and the class was nearly empty except for me and Joe. I stood and began to place my book in my bag. Joe came closer and gently grabbed my hand and leaned into me. I didn't move I just saw him get closer. I stared into his eyes and felt myself grow nervous as his breath hit my cheek and soon followed by his lips. I gulped the not down and Joe pulled away whispering into my ear. *I liked the fact that you were curious about where I was.* His face still close to mine. *The counselor called me in to her office to talk about my grades.* He said while gently rubbing his thumb on my hand which he still held. A small smile crept on my lips and I lightly nodded. He nodded as well and releases my hand, *I'll see ya later, babe.* He said walking away with a smile and leaving me there with butterflies in the pit of my stomach.

I personally loved the ending! Hahaha

What did you guys think?
What is Joe really feeling?
Is Demi falling into a trap?
Or is she just falling?

Comment for the next one please! :D



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