Forza 2: Sick AWD Drifting





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Published on Jun 11, 2007

This is my self tuned 350z with an AWD swap. AWD drifting is easy, i know...but it was a very clean run, with great lines and angles so i decided to upload it. I was always a RWD guy and still am on the rare occasion this game even leaves its case. its been over a year since i made this video so most of your comments are pointless but i gotta say....having one of the most viewed forza2 drifting videos on youtube is somewhat cool....

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Nice..... The good Ole days...
"one of thee DUMBEST things typed in young raging opposition to comprehension......."  for the love of intellect, words have definite meaning. when you want them to mean something else.  Just shut the fuck up and have a coke and a smile.   A powered,  slide.    hmm.. that's a tough one.   I some enema stick said its when you, "lock up" your rear tires...... this guy is so stupid, his thoughts aren't even heard by his mind. Shit just goes dripping out his snatch.....  Hand braking, or "locking up" your tires, period, no matter what ones, is what physics would consider to be motionless. Utilizing, and creating no power.  Destroyed whatever you conceived as a powerslide?  A power slide , is, a throttle-on induced oversteer. Initiating a oversteer, or excessively angled turn by applying the throttle (POWER) to break traction and generate enough force needed to maintain the proper amount of slip-angle (tires) to allow for the driver to angle or, counter-angle, or rotate, pivot on axis Z (normal velocity, which is downwards at its center. the pivoting motion creates a velocity known as, yaw!!)
AWD angling is not by any means easy. AWDs inception was to ELIMINATE over steering, PERIOD.  So by constantly doing something, that works against its natural design, is, by all means, more impressive than say, someone doing something that is, oh, a naturally occurring dynamic (in poorly built F/R machines.  You don't see S2k's over steering like shit in OEM form. It takes a TON of work to destroy Hondas hard work at making a 50/50 balanced auto)  In short, I respect a person drifting, a.) what they like to drive. (not what other people think is cool or popular.  b.) consider those who do things the harder way, like AWD angler's to be the better pilot. and c.) keep things literal. The fags of this current generation LOVE to try and make things fit into their autistic minds nooks and crannies.   All day long Im constantly correcting player after player that in fact, everyone at the track is power sliding  or simply over steering. That in actuality they should stop typing in public view such moronic statements. Because anyone that can read can simply pick up a dictionary and read and see that ,drifting is something that a log can do floating along with the current, directionless. (real shit if you understand the subtext) it is something ships can do out on the sea's.   A plane can experience as it continues off course.    Snow can do as well.   But for a person to do,  that my friend is the best. A drifter, is a loser. A lost cause. A wondering , aimless, socially unaccepted, of ill character and poor repute. Troubled and troublesome, riff raff that people avoid with great effort. Sounds like every uneducated griefer , that plays a game of which he/she has no real understanding of the Element itself, but knows the exploitable parameters of the program. And is in good social standing with the other lemmings, and trolls.  I like to put assholes in their place when they get out of line and disrespect other peoples INDIVIDUALITY.   But annnnnnnnnnyway, I ranted the fuck out this bitch right now. My bad.  But keep doing what you like.  That was not bad at all. Esp. with the vast majority of AWD angler's being the kids on crack that more or less POWER_PLOW in
AWD Is not easy....thee only reason why this guy said it's easy is because 1:FORZA2 2:He's just speed running this drift he's making it look easy by just going fast...ADD my XBLGT MRBOOOYA (Forza 4) I drift with a AWD Nissan Fairlady z I'm looking for skilled AWD drifters to drift with must be friendly social and active
what track is that 
Bot Jeffrey
what are the cars that come with awd?? in forza 2?? 
good manual shifting skills
obviously off you dumbass...
Very nice
all assists were off. also, i haven't really commented on here in a long time or made videos because i usually just do it for fun. dedicated far too much time to dirt 2 and 3, right now im just waiting for the next great racing sim to come out (sick of the arcade crap and dumbed down physics in alot of the newer titles) then ill put up something new, expect more gaming videos in general in the near future..possibly with commentary :O
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