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Uploaded on Sep 4, 2011

I got inspired by my cousin's wedding to write this.


Demi's P.O.V.

As I walked along the beach with my boyfriend. I felt tense. My boyfriend, Joe Jonas, has been tense all through our date. He couldn't say a complete sentence without stuttering or clearing his throat and honestly I felt really nervous. Usually when guys are like that they would want to break up and they would say the famous lines-
"Demi?" Joe interrupted my thougths and I looked at him. "Yeah Joe?"
Joe cleared his throat and started talking, "W-well you see D-dems...you are an amazing girl..." Oh great here it comes....
End of P.O.V.

Joe (clears his throat again and shoves his hands in his pockets): We've been dating for a while and..
Demi (bracing herself for the break up)
Joe (gets down one knee pulling out a beautiful engagement ring): Will you marry me?
Demi (tears fill her eyes and she jumps on him and kisses him passionately)
Joe (pulls away slightly): Is it a yes?
Demi (starts to cry and nods her head)
Joe (hugs her tight): Oh god....I was so worried you would've said no.
Demi (giggles and pecks his lips): I was owrried you we're gonna break up with me.
Joe (laughs): What?! Why would I break up witht he second most important woman in my life?
Demi (Frowns): Second?
Joe (chuckels at her expression): Baby, my mommy comes first.
Demi (laughs): Alright.
Joe (smiles then as he remembers something): Uh Dems?
Demi: Yeah?
Joe (scratches the back of his head): What if I told you we owuld need to get married in a week?
Demi (chokes on her saliva): A WEEK?!
Joe (blushes and nods): Uh..yeah...
Demi (smiles but is really confused): Why would we need to get married in a week? I mean, I'd love to be your wife real soon but isn't a week a little too soon?
Joe (sighs): My grandmother has cancer and the doctor said if she's lucky she will live for one more month. (a tear fall down his cheek and he smiles when Demi wipes it.)
Demi (whispers softly and gently, like a mother soothing her child): And you want your grandma to be there for your big day.
Joe (nods): Yeah..I mean she was there for Kevin's Wedding and I want her to be there for mine. I'm kinda sad she won't be there for Frankie's wedding but he's like ten.
Demi (nods): Alright then our wedding will be in a week. (thinks about all the things they need to do and calculates all the stuff in her head) Gosh we'll need a lot of help planning this out.
Joe (still huggin her tight): Yeah..But I'm sure everyone will lend a helping hand.
Demi (grins): you're right....(whispers in his ear) But...why don't we tell them about it tomorrow....
Joe (smirks): Naughty naughty girl.....
Demi (bites her lip)
Joe (smirks): But No...
Demi (face falls)
Joe (laughs and grins): Sweetheart....I want to be we have only a week until our wedding so I suggest we go home and tell them now.
Demi (pouts): Alright (looks up at him) But you have to carry me to the car and to the house and to our bedrooma dn everywhere until tomorrow.
Joe (smiles): Deal.

to be continued.....


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