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Published on Nov 9, 2010

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Summons List

Single Elemental Summons
Mercury 0:05
Jupiter 0:12
Mars 0:18
Venus 0:24

Atalanta 0:31
Nereid 0:52
Kirin 1:15
Ramses 1:34

Procne 1:52
Neptune 2:23
Tiamat 2:46
Cybele 3:22

Meteor 3:50
Judgement 4:24
Thor 4:52
Boreas 5:19

Double Elemental Summons
Zagan 5:47
Moloch 6:13
Megaera 6:42
Flora 7:14
Haures 7:40
Ulysses 8:08
Eclipse 8:38
Coatlicue 9:07
Crystallux 9:38
Daedalus 10:12
Azul 10:49
Catastrophe 11:17
Charon 11:55
Iris 12:27

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Comments • 845

Looks like Judgement got some shooting practice, Thor meets an inventor that upgraded his hammer, Boreas is no longer giving people free shaved ice, Moloch moved to a colder climate, Megaera got more swords, meets a new tailor, and bought some feather die, Ulysses finally shows up himself instead of letting a disciple of his enters the battle, Coatlicue got herself a magical vase, Daedalus' mech got way faster, Catastrophe got some new "toys" to play with and found a way to carry them all via something that works like a pocket dimension, Charon is getting more jobs, and is still summoned to keep him in the job he is on (No, not the killing things with darkness, the later part), And Iris, not contempt with throwing people and monsters into the sun, decides to make a sun herself
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Blue Blade of Fate
Absolutely amazing graphics - up to 3DS quality. Plus, it helps that these summons are kind of cool.
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Brocktimus Prime
Summon names and their video time: 0:06 - Mercury, the elemental power of water. 0:12 - Jupiter, the elemental power of wind. 0:18 - Mars, the elemental power of fire. 0:24 - Venus, the elemental power of earth. 0:31 - Atalanta, the Heavenly Huntress. 0:52 - Nereid, princess of the sea spirits. 1:15 - Kirin, a mythical beast cloaked in flame. 1:34 - Ramses, guardian of an immortal Pharaoh. 1:52 - Procne, a Goddess in bird form. 2:23 - Neptune, an incarnation of the Sea King. 2:46 - Tiamat, the Queen of all dragons. 3:22 - Cybele, the Great Mother of the Earth. 3:50 - Meteor, a meteor from deep space. 4:23 - Judgment, the might of the apocalypse. 4:51 - Thor, the mighty God of thunder. 5:19 - Boreas, the God of the north wind. 5:47 - Zagan, Earth's might enflamed. 6:13 - Moloch, the sacred ice monster. 6:42 - Megaera, the Goddess of vengeance. 7:14 - Flora, the wind rider, Goddess of flowers. 7:40 - Haures, a beast that sunders darkness. 8:08 - Ulysses, a legendary wandering mage. 8:38 - Eclipse, a dragon whose wings span the skies. 9:07 - Coatlicue, a Goddess bearing the Water of Life. 9:38 - Crystallux, a dragon with a heart of brilliant crystal. 10:12 - Daedalus, master craftsman of ancient times. 10:49 - Azul, an awakened dragon from the deep. 11:17 - Catastrophe, the embodiment of destruction. 11:55 - Charon, the boatsman of the river Styx. 12:27 - Iris, Goddess of rainbows, guide of souls.
Ohtori Sakuya
Am I the only one that feels the need to shout: "EXODIA OBLITERATE!!!" everytime I summon Ramses?
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dat Thor tho.
kong DaBomb
man catastrophe is one badass summon. 
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to those who feel disappointed about DD, please read: i played the game, and i honestly thought it was pretty good. perhaps my happinees that there was even a third one? perhaps just the fact that it was good in it self? idk. but what i care about is that it was fun, and i enjoyed playing it to the end.  didnt i feel disappointed?  well here is the thing; i feel like it was still needing more at the end; i feel like i wanted to go on and on and on. but it just ended. so yes, if anything, i felt disappointed in that it ended rather quickly. maybe i also felt i didnt do much with it more like i did with the lost age when i kept playing for like 2.5 years on that one, while DD just ended in like 3 months i had everything done. so yes, ease and shortness were the key disappointers of this game, but these cannot be the factors for you guys to keep bashing DD. its enough negativeness. you have to think about the reasons why it may have had those negatives, such as the soon release of the 3ds which camelot may have been forced to just end right there and release DD, or maybe the cartige wouldnt fit anymore, or perhaps they had other projects to work on and they just made this to make us happy again. and happiness is what i felt when i got and played goldensun. it was a continuation of the first game i played and the first game that became my ultimate all time favorite the lost age. so of course i was happy, and i am still happy that DD came because its better than nothing.  instead of keeping on bashing the game out, why dont you show otherwise to camelot? why dont you focus on the good of the game instead of just the bad?? everywhere i go, most comments are just negative all throughout. "it was too easy!" or "what the heck camelot!" blah blah blah. enough!  the more you be this way, the less camelot is gonna care and release another one. they can keep working on mario tennis and other things that sell out more; geez; and you call youselves golden sun fans. ya right :/
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Golden sun 1 and 2 were so much better than this game. The summons are a lot cooler though
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Yang Koete
Boreas; He comes when someone in Golden Sun says;"I like trains."
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Shinobi X
Such an underrated franchise and game so sad... It should be called "Golden lost Gem" instead.
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