Let's Play Paper Mario TTYD (100%) 76 - Boss 2.0





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Uploaded on May 23, 2011

This boss looks familiar. Very familiar. Actually, other than one attack, this boss's attack pattern is exactly the same as the last time.

What am I talking about? Magnus Von Grapple Version 2.0. This is no minor revision, Lord Crump and his engineering team made this robot... thing.... much more powerful. Take note that this boss has NO DEFENSE PIERCING ATTACKS. YES YES YES!!! This makes me very happy, especially since the next chapter overwhelms you with defense piercing attacks ;_;.

Even if you aren't a fan of defense, it helps a lot in this fight. Magnus Von Grapple has one more attack; a machine gun of doom that uses your audience against you. That attack does 3x10 damage. Avoid that by up-ing Mario's defense to three; two is acceptable if you don't want to wear P-Down D-up.

Lord Crump's robot... thing... is defeated, resulting in a big explosion. I don't think Mario will be seeing Lord Crump any time in the near future. After Lord Crump blasts away, the final Crystal Star is revealed to Mario. He has collected all seven Crystal Stars! Yet, he didn't find Peach or Grodus on the X-naut base. I wonder where they could be.

Meanwhile, Bowser is searching Poshley Heights for a Crystal Star. The residents there are very sophisticated, and don't scare easily to the king of koopas. With some angry luck, Bowser enters the Poshly Sanctum. Inside, he finds a Crystal Star. Well, we already know that one's a fake. Pennington tells Bowser and Kammy that it indeed is a fake, and that Luigi has the real Crystal Star. Hilarity insures, as Bowser and Kammy think Mario's brother got that Crystal Star. Bowser looks very angry; he looks like he's ready to destroy something.

Back on the X-naut base, Mario finds the main computer of the base TEC. He's still computing on by using backup power and cached memory. TEC tells Mario to leave and save the Princess.

After Mario uses the teleporter, the X-naut base disappears. You can't return to it. That doesn't matter, as Mario now holds all the Crystal Stars. Professor Frankly is quick to tell them to go to the Pedestal at the Thousand Year Door. Apparently, Grodus found some method around the Thousand-Year Door, and plans on resurrecting the demon from one-thousand years ago. Something about the story seems fishy, but Mario was going to open the door anyway.

Evilpoptart and I now believe that the X-nauts are the Schrodinger's cats of the Paper Mario world. There are many Game Overs in various other worlds that were possible throughout the story of Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door, thanks to the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics.

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