S.T.A.T.U.S- Dont Fu[n]k Up Our Beats Contest 5 Entry





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Published on Feb 25, 2013

(I know that you maaaaad)
im turnt up, you gettin' turnt off
Every verse i hear rehearsed is gettin' worse dog,
(But my flows in the baaaaag)
Its air tight, you hear right, get near mics
no fear strike, compare likes, aint fair fights

Yea you got a couples fans, a bunch of dudes who love to spam,
no substitute, you bustin' tools and dunkin' hoops, the fuckin' man,
so you hop on the mic, you wanna bark but don't bite
thats the awkwardest fight, its like a shark to some mice,
(I know that you maaaaad)
you don't wanna fuckin' play me, won't pay me you'll think I'm crazy,
cuz most of these rappers trash,
(but my flows in the baaaaag) they talkin' about some lies,
I'm comin' up tryna blast, and rocket into the skies, my pockets could use the cash,
my popularity lacks, so clearly ill never last,
but now i sound like I'm bitchin' and all my writtens on smash,
y'all be swinging and missin' I'm hittin' wit vicious jabs,
descriptions soundin' so vivid one listen is not enough
(I know that you maaaaad)
I rippin' i got it tough, they skippin' pasisn' me up,
while these bitches gassin' you up, like they pick the rappers that suck,
(But my flows in the baaaaag)
make 'em think they badder than fuck,
the weight of this game is heavy, i think I've carried enough,
I'm ready gladly discuss

Money for my talent, shit I'm hungry and I'm wildin',
y'all can't tell me i aint styling, y'all some dummies,
shit is funny, comin' from me, livin' bum my, first place is a lot of money,
but lyrics won't get listened to, i feel it I'm invisible,
(I know that you maaaaad)
Fearless and invincible, could careless i won't listen to,
brainless rap, you aim and clap, slang some crack,
(But my flows in the baaaaag)
Still lame and wack, famous cats, just make me laugh,
their place is last, some basic trash, i face the facts,
the game is crashin', used to entertain the masses,

So I...
Switch the style up, pile up rhymes quicker, I'm sicker
than chugging liquor and mixin' it wit a pitcher
of 6, hidden elixirs, so this, visions a mixture,
of spits, hidden in scriptures, wont split, digits aint wit ya,
(I know that you maaaaad)

Im dolo, rip instrumentals myself,
you screaming YOLO, thats detrimental to health,
(But my flows in the baaaaag)
my beam is so low, I'm aimin under the belt,
you wanna go bro, i came and made sure I'm felt,

Fuck it though, I'm feelin' so unlucky so,
Dealin' out disgusting flows, steal it still can't bust it yo,
my skill kit is untouchable, unfiltered in the rawest form,
killed it when my songs performed,but now I'm sounding cocky,
(I know that you maaaaad) and someones bound to stop me,
im goliath someone rock me, try it and you could top me,
or riot if that shits not me,
(But my flows in the baaaaag)
I'm violent somebody watch me, I'm hidin' waiting for Hopsin,
my playlist is on my wlakmen, I'm givin' no other option,
but listen or get it poppin', I'm kiddin' maybe I'm not then,
i got it live, don't fuck up the beats,
Volume 5

Email: Murraymp1835@gmail.com


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