FFIX PG Leftovers: Tetra Master - All promotions from Maestro to 'Grandmaster' (1700)





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Uploaded on Feb 15, 2012

FFIX Tetra Master - 1700 Points and 540 Arrows with most arrows going to cards with highest attack points.

One of the last things to do for a FFIX Perfect File is to get 1700 collectors points for Tetra Master. While getting the first 1500 points isn't too difficult, getting the remaining 200 points is all about upgrading your cards first to the 'X' attack type, which happens at a 4/256 chance when one of your cards wins a card battle, then upgrading to the 'A' attack type occurs at a 2/256 rate.

The best way to get your cards upgraded is by playing someone who likes to battle your cards instead of wanting to capture them on unprotected sides. It turns out that the old man next to the save point in Treno not only engages in card battles, but he also uses the weakest cards in Tetra Master, so I play 99% of all of my games here. And it does not matter, what cards you win battles against, it will not improve your odds on upgrading, so don't torture yourself by playing the card phantoms in Memoria!

The best way to see results is to use 5 'M' and/or 'P' attack type cards each game. Since I am going for a perfect record, I keep playing game after game until I get an upgrade, or I lose or draw, which I reset. When using 5 cards that need to upgrade to 'X', the cumulative odds are really 36/256 (a maximum of 9 card battles each game, provided one of your cards participates in each), and then I use 5 'X' cards when going for the 'A' upgrades, which if my cards get 9 battles as mentioned before then the cumulative odds are 18/256.

In all of my games of Tetra Master, I got two 'X' upgrades in a single game on 3 seperate occasions, which is quite rare, but one time I got two 'A' upgrades in a single game! That is a 4/65536 chance!

This video shows my methods on how I play, hopefully helping those who need a few pointers. Yes, I do play fast at times so pause the video if you missed something!

Also I display the different collectors ranks after getting 1500 points from Maestro, all the way to Grandmaster. Since there is a glitch which the collectors rank is not displayed at 1700 points, I decided to give it an unofficial, but reasonable name.

When it comes to upgrading weak cards that have all zeros as hexidecimal stats (0?00) like Mog and Frog specifically, I go to the Fat Chocobo at Chocobo's Paradise. This is because he will not battle your cards unless it is unavoidable or he is behind to the point he has to. I intentionally get one of my cards that needs upgrading captured so that when I place another one of my cards to battle it, no matter which one wins, there is a chance that the winning card will upgrade, which as long as I win the game, I will not lose either card!

An uncommon occurence during the game starting at 1:37 will feature what I call a "Reverse Upgrade" or "Defense Upgrade" which occurs when one of your own cards is captured (Mover), and when you use another card to battle it (Tonberry), the defending card wins and upgrades! This can also happen when a card under your control is challenged by an opponents card and your card holds its own and upgrades, mainly because the opponent's card isn't strong enough or got a bad roll. I use this technique to upgrade the weak cards which is shown when I am going for the Master and 'Grandmaster' ranks.

Even though I have finished getting all 1700 points, I still have to max out all 100 card's stats, which will take many many more games. The final status of my Tetra Master work will not be seen again until my '10 Promist Ring' perfect file is complete.

Inspirational credit goes to Vizuino for his previous efforts, and sending me some helpful information.


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