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Published on Oct 10, 2012

Warning! Out of the box, adult, mature and responsible content.... if you want to be lulled to sleep with the latest car accident - or reason why you want to support Chinese Slave Labour - go back to major media - go shopping... do anything else but listen to this broadcast!

This is talk radio with a difference. We are proud to present some elements of the new format, some awesome stories from around the world, and attitude and opinion that you won't find on mainstream pathetic corporate media. We don't sound like a bunch of high school teachers here - which means you might learn something!

On Todays show we discuss:

- Demanding Democracy - the fact is, Canada does not have a democracy - go figure...
- Our close personal friend Rick Mercer (well, we keep inviting him to our parties)
- Shooting Fish in a Barrel - which means mocking our Dictator Stephen Harper
- John Baird sounding like John Baird
- The False Flag attack on Syria (yup - they lie some more)
- Victoryish with Mark Fiore - go check him out on the net - very cool stuff
- Smart Metres are Stupid beyond belief
- Vanderzalm talking about how stupid Smart Metres are
- Even more on how stupid Smart Metres are
- Paying way higher bills with Smart Metres - because they're stupid beyond belief

and in hour two;

- Even Smarter Bombs... yes, they get smarter...
- Background on why the Gov't totally sewered the Beef Industry
- The story behind how the Gov't sabatoged our Beef Industry
- An update on the Gov't screw up sabatoging our Beef Industry
- a note on Spell Checking within these credits
- The Unemployment rate goes up even though we added 50k of McJobs
- We talk about Oil Pipelines - one of our Favorite Subjects
- Justin Trudeau talks about Oil Pipelines
- Christy Clark stick her foot in her mouth up to her knee
- We Vote Wikileaks
- Wal-Mart Workers go on strike! Yup - that's for real - they even called the cops
- Pakistan protests the criminal drone strikes that are going on

All that, and a script suitable to line a bird cage with... can all be yours for one click and one like (and we don't even need the like!)

Yup - we're the guys that don't need to say 'trust us' like AM 1150 and CHBC... because we want you to put your thinking cap on and research our stories yourself. Either that - or go back to the spoon fed nonsense that constitutes the corporate 'news', or go shopping... that might make you feel special...

For everyone else - we are there for you! Keep your brains humming - your batteries and memory cards in your camera fresh - and keep the revolution of thought going on... you can do it!

Remember - if there's only one person standing up for what is right - we're going to be there (in spirit for sure!) to back them up...

...and that means you can change the world... (just think about it...!)

Cheers - and thanks for your support


Radio Free Canada presents
Video Radio for October 9 - 2012

Produced by Robert Nisbet
Directed by Darin Howard
Music Produced in part by TFV
Edited by Burton the Cat

Recorded Live at Guerrilla Radio Design Studios
Box 20013, Kelowna, BC - V1Y 9H2

Video Courtesy includes
CBC - CTV - Global - Russia Today
Press TV - CTVU - Al Jazeera - NHK Tokyo

Of course, we didn't need anything at all from local corporate nonsense...
We're surprised they still have jobs in the local 'news' - go figure....


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