Picking Hand Positioning For Fast Playing Styles - Intermediate Guitar Lesson





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Published on Jan 31, 2010

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This lesson covers the basic of how to plant your picking hand in order to develop a faster picking technique. Everybody will approach picking slightly differently but I think you will find the info covered in the lesson will make for a good foundation.

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Lesson Taught By: Carl Brown

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Comments • 269

Thank you! Just got my guitar for rocksmith, and can't wait to practice this!
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Mike Mcdonald
Duckers left hand guitars
N.K. Revolution
+tist mcgee rocksmith is a great starting point for beginners.
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Ayan Saha
should i use the pinky as anchor while picking ?
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Time Muffin ­
do what's most comfortable for you
broadway zjm
whenever i plant my pinky, the pick just goes parallel to the strings, however from my understanding the pick should be tilted in a 45 degree angle. what ia the solution
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i've been playing guitar for 3 years, i can downpick up to 180bpm [maybe a few more] but i cant go any farther... i stucked at 180bpm. My hand and arm get blocked. I know I'm not tired because if i lower the tempo i still can downpick easily. what should i do to fix my problem?
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sonder occhiolist
Vic Rattlehead Rust in piece brought me here too.
Vic Rattlehead
+CameronsCovers yeah that part. im having problems too. i cant go fast enough or if i do i cant control it enough to do the 5s and 7s or the short parts. and i feel like the string is resisting so much like its made of stone. ive been playing for 2 years and ive never had problems with anything as much as i had with the old 0 tremolo/fast picking. also taping but thats because i have crap gear
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Lelldorine LoL
I can pick relatively fast on single strings when I switch relatively few times but when I start to play Pentatonic SRV styled licks in a quite fast way I kinda lose my control.To sum it up I have a hard time picking over all strings. I have my fingers planted and I rest my palm on the E-A-D strings and then when I play on those strings I simply use the fingers I planted as my new anchor point, I started out playing with my hand non anchored and I haven't actually used a plectrum for more than around 8 months, is it normal to be bad at this or am I doing something wrong? This have been a really big issue for me and its made the guitar playing a much more burden then it should because I really love to play it but I always have this inconsistent picking hand, and its not like I JUST PLAY I have to consciously think about my picking hand all the time compared too when I finger pick where I just do it like its of second nature. How long does it take to become really familiar with using a pick? I have only played anchored for like 2 months so maybe thats why? LOOOOOONG stupidly arranged comment I know, but I really want an answer to this!
Chicken Permission
Lelldorine LoL Scuttle Buttin' is a BITCH to play, I can barely muster half speed lol, going on seven months
Daniel Minchew
Carl yes even after 15 plus years of playing i learn something new every time i watch one of your lessons...Thank you..
Vladislav Solomin
Thank you, great tutorial!  Having been playing wrong/even holding the pick wrong for a couple of years now.
Dante Montanaro
+Vlad Solomin Same here, man! But make that 16 years in my case, not just a couple! lol
Very,very helpfull! Thank you!
Maaz Rizwan
hi i have a question, hope someone can help me out. when you anchor your hand and keep your wrist angle same as suggested i find that when you are playing the low e your hand has to be rested on the body of the guitar (if wrist angle has to remain same). now when you move down from the low e to other strings you have to lift your hand up and anchor it on the bridge. so this kind of transition creates a small obstruction. how to solve this? can some one please respond thanks. (my basic point is it is not possible to keep your wrist straight and wrist angle same (about 45 degree) without having to anchor your hand on the body instead of the bridge while playing low e string) and that moving from the body to the bridge creates an obstruction
rizqi azhar
thank you! this is very helpful. i can picking really fast now. lol
cham kampis
My achored hand only reachs the coil in the middle ( just like in the video) but I noticed that the sound is way better when the string is picked from the first coil started from the neck, so this technique is technically ruining my sound?
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