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Published on Dec 7, 2011

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlnGeV... WATCH !!
As the football experiences in different parts of the world illustrates an example of the Lisbon derby where viewers witnessed a situation that is difficult to see, for example, in the English Premier League matches ...

Video clip shows clearly that Benfica coach calls his goalie to fall on the lawn in order to''preserve''some time as this one did very awkward and somewhat funny way.

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You all flame about unfair portugues the only thing i see is a man in a suit strikes a player down with use of the force.
I'm sorry but these pussies can't play a game of football without cheating.  The worst culprits are the Spanish, Portuguese, Italians and South Americans. Generally speaking, in these countries they don't know the meaning of the words 'good-sportsmanship'. Cheating/ diving/ simulating/ appealing for opponents to be sent off is common practice. Now this shit has infiltrated the Premier League and English players are doing it. Have to move on with the times I suppose.
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It's true. The portuguese league is a joke. There's proof that benfica has been buying the refs and the APAF dosen't do shit.
Gladly the opposite hasn't happened! Otherwise the south of Europe would be swarming with drunken lager lout hooligans! Get off your high horse you hypocrite. The "sportsmanship" in England is a farce. Your country is full of racist drunk hooligans who rampage Europe every time they get the chance.
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Qwert Yuiop
portugal is too close from spain , you know where did they get these "skills"
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Onur Ergün
+xXTheHomerilloXx he havent won r u dum or ur just dum?? he won a couple of the best player award and some other shit that i dont know STFU u aborted kid
Miguel Don't like sand
+xXTheHomerilloXx Just another cock sucker looking for attention!
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Gonçalo Ramalho
All misters use these tatic to waste time when the team is tired or under pressure and needs to stop to breed a little and correct positions. Since Van gall too Fergyson Mourinho or Guardiola. This video is funny i admit loool, but i bet that it was made by a sporting fan, that was bored of loosing ONCE AGAIN a match with Benfica! hahahah  Portuguese champios, el TRIPLETE!!! CARREGA BENFICA
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Sour Pickle
ahmet vefa
+Faizan Ahmed uıyyo
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João Maio
Not Portugal Fair Play, BENFICA Fair Play!
humberto montoya
You are right Joao maio,,not Portugal, it is ended Benfica,,,
This isn't Portugal's national team, but a club...
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shitty club btw!!!
Calm your titties +quiconjinn
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Sadly football is 80% acting nowdays ... don't blame it on portugal 
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Fábio Ramos
Wtf r u talking about? I smell a hater and alot of salt from a very ignorant guy
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Liandi Noviandra
Did that guy on the sideline use his Force to knock down the goalkeeper? Lord Sidious must be very proud of him.
lol, i chuckled on this comment. 
What this coach did is stupid and wrong, but if an English or German coach did this (and they have certainly done it, but weren't caught on camera), would someone post a video saying "English fair play" or "German fair play"? No. You would post the video and refer to the coach's name or team, never the nationality. This is a racist video, with a typical prejudice towards southern European countries. The same prejudice that rules other common economic and social beliefs, that are based on partial truths and complete lack of information. Stupidity and ignorance rule the world and this is just a good example.
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Bernardo Melo
+MrPeterpiper1969 as a fan of benfica, it is very sad to see my club do such things. i understant victory is important but this is just too much. im sure many fans agree with me and will continue to support our club, hoping things like this dont happen again.
The coach would be castigated and despised by all but his club's most diehard fans. In England when we want to eat the clock we take the ball to the corner flag, make a substitution or just generally move slowly. We do NOT feign injuries. We're still pretty unpleasant to the "Oh my God I've been shot with a cannon" type who rolls around in "agony" when he's tackled and then leaps to his feet miraculously "recovered" once he got the penalty/free kick or found out he's not getting them. I don't claim the English are alone in that reaction either. In fact I don't think you can say a specific nation or nations condone the divers, time wasters and cheats any more or less than anyone else. This seems to be an individual thing.  We've had our share of cheats and divers and often even their own fans hold them in at least private contempt. As a matter of interest I'd like to know how Benfica's press and fans reacted to the manager and keeper after this. In public they may have supported it but on the forums and in the bars I'd bet opinion was more than a little divided. 
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Jonah Clarke
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Jonah Clarke
+Elijah Murugesu Alright then
Elijah Murugesu
+Jonah Clarke yea but its a joke :)
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