9/11 WTC-chips are not paint and produce a thermite reaction: Dr. James Millette is wrong





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Published on Jan 21, 2013

Dr. Niels Harrit talks about the composition of the red-gray chips found in the World Trade Center, which produce a 'thermite reaction' when ignited. He also refutes the claims that the red-gray chips are paint from the WTC Towers.

At the end of the video there is a clip by chemist Mark Basile, in which he ignited one of these chips that produced a 'thermite reaction' around 430 degrees Celsius (Harrit et al paper, link below), which apparently is far below the normal ignition temperature of conventional thermite mixture.

For more info watch the whole presentations by Dr. Niels Harrit and Mark Basile linked below.


National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) , US agency who investigated the causes for the destruction of the WTC buildings, reported that the reddish primer paint of World Trade Center steel columns contained zinc yellow(Zznc chromate), but the red-gray chips found in the WTC-dust apparently do not contain zinc or chromium above the "back ground noise".

Dr. James Millette claim the WTC red-gray chips are paint, but Dr. Niels Harrit explains that the zinc and chromium they discovered on the surface of the chips are contamination from the actual primer paint of the WTC columns. But when the red-gray chips are cut in half and the cut-surface is analyzed, there is no zinc or chromium present, explains Dr. Harrit.

Analysis of Red/Gray Chips in WTC Dust
by Dr. James Millette

Dr. James Millette claims, because there apparently is epoxy resins present in the red-gray chips, that this tells us that the WTC-chips are paint, although even he states that it does not match the reddish primer paint used on WTC columns.

Epoxy resins (polymers) are also used as binders in aerogel/sol-gel (nanothermite) composites, so even if there is epoxy present in the WTC-chips, it still could mean the chips really are thermite-composite chips. On the clip, Niels Harrit talks about polymers or "plastic" being present in the matrix of the red-gray composite chips.


Millette also claims there is no elemental aluminium in the red-gray chips, but in the Harrit et al paper they stated that the silicon(Si) and aluminium (Al) are not chemically bound, meaning that the aluminium really is in elemental form. According to Harrit et al, the Si and Al appeared to be separate after a chip swell when soaked in methyl ethyl ketone (MEK).- Harrit et al paper, The Open Chemical Physics Journal, 2009, Volume 2, page 18.(link below)


Niels Harrit, May 09
"Before measurement, the chips were broken (with one exception to be discussed below) in order to secure a fresh uncontaminated surface from which the SEM XEDS was obtained. NONE of these SEM XEDS spectra, taken from four independently collected samples, showed signals from either zinc, chromium or magnesium in intensities significantly above the baseline noise...

.. The properties of the primer paint and the red/gray chips are inconsistent.
The red/gray chips cannot be the primer paint as it is characterized by NIST."

Press release for the WTC dust nano-thermite paper by Harrit et al:
Study: Scientists Discover Active Thermitic Material in WTC Dust
Berkeley, CA, April 3, 2009


Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe
Niels H. Harrit, Jeffrey Farrer, Steven E. Jones Kevin R. Ryan, Frank M. Legge, Daniel Farnsworth, Gregg Roberts, James R. Gourley and Bradley R. Larsen


Architects & Engineers for 9//11 Truth

Architects & Engineers for 9//11 Truth YouTube channel:

Original sources for the video material used for this clip:

The Toronto Hearings on 9/11 Uncut - Niels Harrit (Full Presentation)

911 Dust Analysis Raises Questions (Mark Basile)


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