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Published on Aug 6, 2012

thanks for all ur girls comments on ch.70 :)
and im sorry i havent uploaded in awhile but im back :)
song of the day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWuM7Q...

madison: *groans and gets off the couch* why do i have to cheek up on them?
teigan:*smiles* cause
madison:*groans and slowly pokes his head around the corner*
teiagan:*watching madison*
madison: *looks around and gasp* oh.. my gawd *covers his mouth*
madison: w..what happened?
brittany: we feel down the stairs
louis: and hurt our selfs
madison: ok, as long as u to wern't doing what i thought u to were
louis and brittany: what?
madison: oh.. nothing *walks a back to teigan*
teigan: so what happened?
madison: they fell down the stairs
teigan:*worried* are they ok??
madison: yeah

jason: so.. what do we do now?
shanielle: *shrugs* dunno *giggles*
jason: what about?..... wrestling?
shanielle: u know ill just win *smirks and giggles*
jason: thats only cause i was on the h,ard floor then what about tv?
shanielle: to boring
jason: video games?
shanielle: nah.. im not in the mood
jason: what about..... ustream?
shanielle: ok!
jason: yes!, i wonder who is on? *logs onto usteam*

mikey: *flops onto the bed with a bag of doritos*
victoria: *holding lollies and crackers*
mikey: *opens the bag*
victoria:*looking at the food she is holding* i cant find the doritos did we leave them downstairs?
mikey*looks up at her* um.. no, i got them
victoria: boy... u better not be eating them with out me
mikey: psht no
victoria:*runs and sits next to him and gets the bag off him*
mikey: dang... girl did u miss dinner?
victoria: *looks at him*
mikey: kidding!... *smiles*
victoria: well at lest i know how to make spaghetti on toast
mikey: hey.., oh.. and.. and.. at lest i know how to dance
victoria: *shocked at what he said* well at lest i can cook
mikey: at lest i have swag
victoria: *shocked* i hate u *smiles*
mikey: *kisses her* i hate u to
victoria: *smiles and blushes*
mikey: *whispers in her ear* at lest i have a beautiful girl that i can call mine i love u *kisses her cheek*

brittney: can we get snacks i think im hungry now *giggles*
vinny: sure!, i have been waiting to get snacks *smiles*
both:*run down stairs*
vinny: who toke my doritos i brought?!?
brittney: u probably ate them
vinny: *thinks* yeah probably *grabs nutella* got mine
brittney: what about me?
vinny: um... u like chocolate chip cookies?
louis: TOUCH THEM U DIE!!!
vinny: um.. ok not them, what about gummie bears?
brittney:*smiles* sure

madison: 1,4,3 smiley wid da wink *put his thumbs up and winks*
(like what mikey and madison did in their ustream like this:http://hevansangel.deviantart.com/art...)
teigan: how long are u gonna do that for?
madison: dunno but its catchy *smiles and does it again*
teigan: *groans*
madison: *chuckles* ok one last time
madison: 1,4.. *gets cut of*
teigan: *covers his mouth*
madison: *licks her hand*
teigan:* squeals and moves her hand away* ew..
madison: *jumps on her*
teigan:* falls back on to the couch laughing* gawd... just jump on me aye...
madison:*laughs and pins her to the couch* yep
teigan: * laughs and trys to get out of his grip*
madison: ok im'a say it one... more time and then i will stop *smiles*
teigan: no!.....
madison: 1,4,3... *gets cut off*
teigan:*gets out, covers his mouth and push's him down onto the couch were she sits on his tummy*
madison: *trys to talk*
teigan: do u give up and promise to never say it again?
madison: *nods*
teigan: promise?
madison: *nods*
teigan: good *removes her hand*
madison:*sits up with teigan on him still with her legs around him kinda (like this if u dont get me: http://au.images.search.yahoo.com/ima... )*
madison: ur so beautiful *smiles*

i promise the next ones will be better cause that when the ............. starts :), hope shanielle comes back soon as well :(

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