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Published on Nov 24, 2010

http://www.reddesertviolin.com/online... : Video compares 4 violins of very different price ranges---2 student violins, a "junker" from a yard sale, and a professional instrument. Discusses how to compare violins, what to check out, good features and bad features of a violin's tone.

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I think any violin sounds good in the hands of someone who knows how to play it. Thousands of dollars will buy you a nice violin but I think it's mostly the player that makes the difference.
Red Desert Violin
Agreed! It's like my mother always says: A good painting deserves a good frame, but a bad painting NEEDS a good frame. Same with violin. A professional deserves a good violin, but a student really needs a decent violin.
Red Fox Media
Listening with quality headphones the G string on South West violin #1 sounds just as good as the G string on the expensive professional model but just a bit thinner and not near as loud and same goes for the other three strings. When recorded through a microphone a cheap inexpensive violin can sound just as good as a Stradivarius.
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Red Fox Media
Your Welcome, Thank You for the great violin comparison video.
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Emily Kay
What would you say about the Stentor 1 for a beginners violin? I received one as a gift, and have never played before. I have no idea what to expect but I've heard it's not a good violin.
Red Desert Violin
I honestly have not heard of that brand. I looked it up, and it is very cheap...so I am tending to believe it is not the greatest. Still, as long as you have GOOD strings, a GOOD bridge and soundpost, and GOOD pegs and fine tuners, it can be a learning tool for a couple years, so you can see if you want to invest in a better one.  That would be an additional investment of at LEAST $100, if the pegs don't have to be totally re-done. (as long as they turn, and stay in place, you are fine) I assume it has 4 fine tuners on it already.  Put some D'Addario Pro Arte strings on it....they will warm it up a little. With that having been said, I have taught only 2 students (out of hundreds) whose violins were truly "unplayable"......and if you have one like that, you will decide you hate violin just because the violin is impossible to make sound decent. So, try to keep an open mind, separate what might be the violin, versus what your desire is to continue to learn the instrument. GOod luck! Oh, you could also sell the Stentor, and use it toward a better one, but I wouldn't do that unless you KNOW you want to work on becoming proficient.
wez turner
thanx :) i am having loadsa fun, never had so much fun in my life. guess thats why i'm learning so fast. atm i'm doing a few grade 3 star wars covers after 11 months. tho i technically not a grade 3 yet because i not passed my grade 2 abrsm, but the examiners are only booked twice a year and i'm down for my grade 2 when they're here next in feb
Red Desert Violin
Man, that is FANTASTIC! Keep up the great work!
Nilesh Noronha
Is gbna a good violin brand for a full size violin
Red Desert Violin
Sorry, I do not know that brand.....there are so many.
ZeTaki Z
Note: Weaponize E string to slice the competition.
Red Desert Violin
Taylor D
What professional brand of violin do you recommend.
Lynn Chung
Taylor D
Red Desert Fiddle
I can't just name a "brand".....you really have to decide how much you are prepared to spend, and then find the best instrument you can in that price range. If you buy your instruments from a reputable, established dealer, then you should always get good trade-up value....so you don't start out purchasing a $10K instrument (well, maybe you do, but most people dont!) You purchase what you can at the time, and you get an instrument that will help you make progress. As you get better, you grow out of that level of violin and you have to upgrade. If you want to list a price range, I could make a couple suggestions for you. Also, you have to decide what to spend on the VIOLIN and what to spend on the BOW. You can't ignore the bow, because a bad bow will make a good violin sound bad. :-)
The Graduations are probably wrong on the old fiddle and the two south west violins.
Hi, just curious if you have a similar video but on different types of bows?
Red Desert Violin
Man, that would be a great video. a GREAT video. I'll think about doing a bow comparison.
Dustin Liu
The muddy G string was like a fingerboard or nut problem.That one actually sounded powerful. It just needed a little adjustment. Also the bridge was very thick(why the reduced volume). I bet it has a lot of potential. In general, most of luthiers eliminate all other factors before changing the soundpost. Soundpost changes the whole violin. No mention it takes a lot of time to settle down and readjust. Normally bridge is the way to go to fix single string tone .
Red Desert Violin
+Dustin Liu Even just moving the soundpost a hair? I was in a luthier shop a few months ago....and I could tell him what was bothering me about my violin, and he was like a doctor....listened to my complaints, and figured out what the cure was. He was amazing. (he adjusted my sound post a few times, and I LOVE IT)
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