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Published on Jul 7, 2012

PLEASE; I CANNOT PLEAD WITH YOU ENOUGH TO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE USE HQ FOR THIS VIDEO. I have spent a ridiculous amount of time makinng this video.. and if ever you watch something in HQ: PLEASE LET IT BE THIS VIDEO!

[This takes place after Thor -which you see in B/W at the beginning of my video]
[This also takes place when Daenerys was first in Qarth and hadn't had her dragons stolen]

I suppose the beginning is pretty self-explanatory .. (at least I hope so!) The red metor in the sky is Loki falling to Westeros.. in the form of a mystical burning red light. Daenerys is obviously intruiged by this, and so sets out of find the cause and investigate the result of this magical occurence. Her findings? ... Loki.
Now at this point: Dany does not fully know of Loki's past and the reason for his arrival remains a mystery. His hidden heritage and mischivious alter-ego remains completely unknown to Dany.. and so she welcomes him into Qarth; to live under her roof.

Time goes by.. and Dany becomes more and more used to seeing Loki around Qarth; enjoying his presense and similar sense of purpose that she herself has. They go from aquaintences to friends quickly.

Dany eventually becomes frustrated with him for not being honest about exactly how he feels and questions his motive for being there in the first place. An argument takes place: leaving Dany irritated and Loki fuming over having been talked down too. This promptly causes his mischevious-ego to emerge, and his wicked and past nature for causing problems surfaces, as he calls the Warlocks to put Dany in a dream-like state.
Now being greatly conflicted with his feelings towards Dany and his choice to imprision her mind in a blizzardous dream world: Loki travels into the dream with her - soon realizing that punishing her as he had was not what he wanted, and so finds a way to end it.
After the rescue (and Loki's extreme change of heart); they again talk about their relationship- evidently deciding it was obviously more then friendship and should be taken further. HELLO SMEXY TIMES.
Soon after; Loki realizes that arriving in Westeros was a mistake. Far too big a tempation for his forceful, merciless ruling nature.. and a world not yet ready for the magic he possessed. Thinking this also results in Loki re-evaluating his relationship with Dany.. for being one of kind heart and strong and determined nature, she should not be exposed to someone so demonic as himself. And so he makes to leave; erasing Dany's memories of him temporerily, as to leave without disruption.
It's only when Jorah mentions to Dany that neither him nor any other Quarth'ian had seen Loki, that she remembers everything about him, and is distraught that he made her forget.
THEY REST SHOULD BE SELF EXPLANATORY.. if not.. i must be really bad at editing.. ;)

i suppose i should talk a little about the video and making it and such! ^^
so i absolutely ADORE this pairing.. they are fast becoming my favourite LA crossover ship because they are just really perfectly matched and one being of fire and one being of ice is just a brilliant touch! (Their ship name is FROSTDRAGONS!!) .. So i really wanted to make something with them that wasn't quick and rushed and badly edited and covered up with textures and overlays. I wanted something that told a story.. and agreed: it may not be how i wanted it, but this is what i could do with what I had! :)
and i don't think anybody can ever quite contemplate just how HARD it is making a crossover video like this. UNLESS YOU HAVE: IN THAT CASE YOU SHARE MY PAIN!
but oh lord this was agonzing to make. I mean like any video- some scenes just flowed easily from my brain to the track and could be made easily and without problems or mind-blanks... but then it came to the gaps left when i'd done all i could do from my imagination.. AND THAT'S WHEN IT GOT HARD. I MEAN REALLY HARD. LIKE CLAWING YOUR HAIR OUT KINDA HARD.
but I did it.
and i really am very very proud of myself for having the will and determination to finish this on time! (.. as my deadline was actually 2 weeks time!)

song • do you
artist • carina round
fandom • crossover - Loki Laufeyson (Thor) , Daenerys Targaryen (Game Of Thrones)
colouring • made by me



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