My Friend Died...





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Published on Apr 15, 2012

I don't know how to talk about this.

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Jona Willekens
Y'know, Tom's a brave guy. He didn't want to say this on camera. He didn't have to. He wanted to take it easy. And still he took the time and courage to do it. That's the biggest sign of bravery. Doing something you actually don't mentally have the possibility to do.
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Ben Curry
Jerry Marin Your, an idiot.
SimplyJenni x
Jerry Marin shut the fuck up mate
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tu rd
I wish cancer was a person So I can kill their ass
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George Horne
tu rd Break cancers skull on your god damn knee
Captain Marvel
StickNinja's I They probably have found a cure for cancer but are probably just hiding it so they can still get the money from the fundraisers. Don't believe me? Take a look at the news, the future has almost arrived, they already found a way to cure heart disease in genes before your baby is even born. Yes, I get that its sad but there are some very evil people in the world 🙁
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Jack Evans
I'm watching this in 2017 and I I still can't believe it...he's gone no more Edd's world no no more Edd... he's dead not coming back......
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Ninja Master
I wish I new necromancery
Me too
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Highly Angry Douglas Studios
God is a pencil Edd is a highlighter God drew the world And Edd made it brighter Rest In Peace, (1988-2012) I will miss you. As will everyone else.
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Niki Vangelatos
Highly Angry Douglas Studios you stole that comment but ay
Reddibock the trico
Roses are red Farts go toot That comment is stolen But it's still pretty cute
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Kpop Trash
#EddsWorldWillKeepOnSpinning Raise a cola to Edd! It's sad cause, when you think about it, thousands of people feel sad about a person that they barely knew. That's how important Edd was to people. Heck, I have tears running down my face like waterfalls. Edd inspired us, he gave us a reason to laugh, then... he died, and it made us sad. But, let's stop feeling sad about the past, Edd may be dead, But his world will keep on spinning. Leaves out a box of tissues
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British Watermelon
Kpop Trash thank you, kind soul blows nose
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4 years ago already? It feels like it was yesterday that I heard the news.
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2017 now..
Ethana & Soffie
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What sucks is, once your done flicking off the tears, you start to cry more, and then Tom starts to cry which sets you off even more ;-;
Unitehh Noodlee!
a poem for edd:😢😭 god was a pen edd was a highlighter god drew the world edd made it brighter note:but now He is gone.. lets just hope. He drinks Cola in the sky. just like He wanted. and has a other brighter world that he should be in.
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Abril Mendoza
Thanks! Now you brought a waterfall to my eyes again! Give me a tissue box quickly please cuz im going to flood my room in tears!
Dotty leopard
+Unitehh Noodlee! my........*tears rolls down my face*....... Grandma's sis is dying they are going to unplug her😞😭😭😭
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matsuno karamatsu
those red eyes. I need to hug him
random uploads
I joined the fandom very late, I thank a youtuber for getting me into eddsworld, they made an animation of eddsworld and I loved it so I thought ill give this little animated short a try, when I did I fell in love with all of them really quick I didn't know that edd passed away,I just found out a day after I joined the fandom. It broke my heart even though it was a long time ago, edd and the others will always be in my heart..
Jackseptieye [Female]Jacky]
random uploads I saw a video and started watching it I told all my friends and they watch them too Let's keep the it going until Mankind is done
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