Brad Pitt Responds to Socialism in America





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Published on Aug 18, 2009

Brad Pitt guest on Real Time with Bill Maher,
Socialism and Town Hall Meetings.

"If I found myself that vitriolic and that emotional, I would check myself first"
"Trust me, You don't know Socialism till you've been there, We're Fine"

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let them eat cake
Brad Pitt is wealthy and famous. No matter where he goes, he'll always be treated wonderfully. He doesn't know that?
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john gibbs
I'm not wealthy nor famous, but was treated like one of there own when I visited Cuba, a then-communist country, open your eyes
let them eat cake
I'm starting to believe this is true. I don't think socialism is effective long-term neither is democracy. Hell, maybe none of it is.
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Dash Riprock
Socialism in theory is one thing..."everyone working for the betterment of everyone". Its inevitable downfall is that it totally disregards human nature. Every normal human being wants to achieve and succeed, and have their children do better than they did. In capitalism, you can achieve and better yourself. In socialism, the only way to get ahead is through corruption...which runs amok in socialist states.
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Robert Kautz
Socialism only works in small numbers for short periods of time and is only maintainable by conservative practices. So, if you want to live in a small commune and ignore the fact that you travel outside of it for supplies, go for it, but don't force a ludicrous system on the rest of us.
Ene Liviu
I'm just commenting to point out how ignorant that guy that said Switzerland has very high taxes is. He even claimed he lived there lol. No, you dummy, the Swiss have one of the lowest taxes in the world. Both Corporate and Income. Look it up and stop spreading fabrications.
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I'd just like to know of one Socialist Country that is doing so well.
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Joe Schmoe
Maybe a trip to Venezuela or Brazil. Then stay there. Then after a few years give us your opinion.
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Alexandre Olival
Or perhaps Europe you thick ignorant. Maybe you go visit Zimbabwe and have a taste of a proper Capitalist right wing country then. What a dumb argument.
El Lobo
Joe Schmoe A trip there, and take away all of his money, and his acting skills. Let him live in those socialist countries for a month, and I'd like to see what Mr. Pitt has to say.
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Lana Max
Bill Maher is such a tool for the left. Every decent thing our forefathers believed is mocked and scorned by Bill. He even had Snoop Dog, famous crip, on advocating gun control. How can a gangsta rapper act like he's against guns and have anyone believe that? Lol. 
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Timothy Dannenhoffer
+Lana Max That's not very Jesus like of you stupid.
Christopher Sharp
+Jonny Foo For people who know the importance of being a strong, hard-working, self-sufficient man, who doesn't need to live off of other people, it is. You wouldn't understand because you're a pussy, who is probably too weak to earn a living. And you'll never be respected by a woman. 
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Darko Markovski
Am I the only one that understood that Brad is actually against socialism ? He says that we're fine, as in America is fine with the current system. Maybe I'm wrong.
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Samurai Jack
Do we get a president to talk about Socialism? Nope. How about a senator? Nah. Anyone from the government? No thanks. Who do we get then? A FUCKING CELEBRITY WHO DOESN'T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK HE'S TALKING ABOUT.
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Hayden Harris
Good news everybody! The government can solve ALL of our problems, it just needs more money!!! Trust me!!!
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Rick Salt
Helpful Edits , you are destined for great things in the new governing body . We will be issuing new standards for hand outs to specific groups . If you have been a victim of oppression or convince us you're a victim of unfair treatment , you will be eligible for moneys to elevate you into equivalent status among the collective . All this regardless of your intelligence and usefulness to society . Spread the word , your govt. is creating ways to increase everyone's prosperity , our govt. does not discriminate , we coddle the underdog ......... because it makes for a great narrative ...... and helps getting re-elected .
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Americans already benefit from a socialist society whether or not they know it: Medicaid; Medicare; Obamacare; Unemployment Benefits; Farm Subsidies, etc. All are a form of social benefit from the US Government to it's citizens. However, most American's have been taught that "Socialism" is a dirty word, and that Socialism can lead to Communism. Socialism, as practised by other Western Industrialised nations is regarded as looking after it's citizens. Those societies believe people should be entitled to Free Education and Free Healthcare, Pensions, access to paid Parental Leave, Vacations and Sick Leave, and being looked after (by the Government) if disabled, sick or out of work. That is a measure of a caring society. Even when European Union Countries, Scandinavian Countries, the UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand elect Right Wing Governments, they do not immediately remove or reduce the Social Benefits already in place. They generally maintain them at existing levels, while sometimes tinkering with the delivery mechanisms. In fact, Governments in the regions or countries mentioned above are likely to be either Centre Left or Centre Right. In these countries you will always see a spectrum of politicians with views from the extreme Left to the extreme Right, but they are always a small minority compared with the Left or Right leaning Centralist politicians. The views espoused by most Right Wing Politicians from the US would make them almost unelectable in other "Western" countries.
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Shann M
"The goal of socialism is communism" -Vladimir Lenin
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Miki Seius
Shocking that a communist would say that..
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