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Published on Jun 12, 2014

The gospel of Jesus in 18 images
From People Of YES! www.peopleofyes.com

1. Creation. Genesis 2:4-1
The Most High God created the sky and earth as good. He made all living things, both angels and animals. He created our first ancestors. He forbade them to eat of one certain tree, lest they die.
2. Temptation. Genesis 3:1-4
An angel, Satan, and many other angels rebelled against God. These became evil spirits and began parading as gods. Satan lied to our ancestors, saying that they could disobey God and not die.
3. Fall. Genesis 3:5-19
When Satan tempted our first ancestors, they sinned against God's rule. Satan has claimed authority over all humans and the earth. The Most High condemned all humans to die.
4. Sacrifices. Leviticus 1:1-10
The Most High God commanded humans to sacrifice animals to show that they were sorry for their sins. However, neither water nor blood can wash away our sins and evil deeds.
5. Scripture. Isaiah 53:1-11
During those 100s of years, the Most High God would speak to holy men who wrote God's words in books. They all said that Messiah would one day come into the world to take away our sins.
6. Incarnation. Luke 2:1-20
The Most High God caused a virgin named Mary to become pregnant. She named her baby son Jesus, which means Saviour. Angels announced Jesus' birth to poor shepherds.
7. Baptism. Matthew 3:1-17
When Jesus was about 30 years of age, he took a ritual bath in a public place. The Spirit of the Most High God came down upon him, and God said to him, "You are my beloved son."
9. Healing. John 9:1-12
The Most High God gave his power to Jesus. So Jesus went about healing all who came to him. He gave sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, and strength to the lame. He also raised dead folk to life.
10. Forgiveness. Mark 2:1-13
The Most High God gave to Jesus authority to forgive sins. The Most High God wants to forgive us our sins. Jesus came into the world to destroy the works of Satan, and to forgive us our sins.
11. Deliverance. Luke 8:26-39
The Most High God gave to Jesus power to chase away evil spirits. Jesus delivered many folk from evil spirits, when they asked him to do so. Jesus has given to us his authority to chase out evil spirits.
12. Zealous. Mark 11:15-25
Jesus rejected religious hypocrisy. Once he went to the big temple in Jerusalem, where he chased away all who were cheating others. This made the religious leaders angry against him.
13. Condemned. Mark 15:1-15
The religious leaders had Jesus arrested. They tried and condemned him. They then took him to the government leaders. These, too, condemned Jesus, and ordered soldiers to beat and kill him.
14. Crucified. Matthew 27:33-50
The Most High God allowed evil men to nail Jesus to a wooden cross to kill him. Jesus knew that he was going to die as a sacrifice that takes away our sins, so that God may forgive us.
15. Risen. Matthew 28:1-20
On the third day of Jesus' death, the Most High God raised Jesus back to life. Jesus came out of his tomb alive. Jesus appeared to 100s of those who knew him. Jesus lives forever in his resurrected body.
16. Good News. Luke 24:41-49
Jesus ordered his followers to go to every community in the world, and to tell this Good News. God forgives the sins of every one and every family that believes in Jesus.
17. Ascension. Luke 24:50:-53
After Jesus rose to life, he spent 40 days instructing his followers. Then, as they were watching him, he rose up into the sky. Jesus is still in the sky, preparing a place for us to live with him forever.
18. Repentance. Acts 2:32-41
Jesus invites everyone to repent and to believe. When you repent, God forgives you everything, and gives you his Holy Spirit and eternal life. He and will also raise you from death to life.

Are you ready to put your trust in Jesus?
1. Pray to the Most High God, confessing to him that you believe in Jesus.
2. Ask the Most High to forgive all your sins and to give you a new life. Thank him for doing so.
3. Tell this Good News to your nearest relatives and to your most trusted friends.
4. Ask some Christians to baptize you along with any others who put their trust in Jesus.
5. Learn more about Jesus from the New Testament section of the Holy Bible.
Begin practicing Jesus' teachings, along with others who believe.

When you tell these stories to others:
1. Chose those stories that they have not yet heard.
2. Show the picture and ask others what they see in it. Talk about it together.
3. Tell the story, or read it from the New Testament of the Holy Bible.
4. Let hearers repeat the story in their own words. Let them help each other do so.
5. Ask them what they are going to do with what they have learned from the story.
When others are ready to put their trust in Jesus, see page 19 of this booklet.

Distributed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0
Unported license. Free Bible illustrations
Copyright © Sweet Publishing.

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