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Published on Oct 11, 2012

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DSLM Reading her affection

Affection - A woman attracted to you will show you affection in tons of small ways: how she looks at you, lingering touch, lingering eyes, standing close to you more often, eye contact, etc. She will find ways to grant you that affection. An affectionate women is often an attentive women. This form of attraction can also be given from relatives but if a woman isn't a relative and she's giving you affection the attractions is usually sexual.

Often times when a woman is attracted to meant she was show affection. It's important to realize that attraction isn't always sexual. Because often a mother will show similar affection to her young as a woman who's attracted to a man will show.

A woman is attracted to men may adjust his tie in a similar manner she may clean off his face, she may look at you different, she may have a lingering touch with you, any number of science can show her affection for you. But it's important to look for the signs of infection because they are in fact everywhere from women. She will look at you with much more shimmering eyes, similar to bedroom us.

This video will teach you all the basics about reading a woman's affection for a man, so you will know if a girl likes you.

If you want to learn how to read attraction this video series the does she like me show teaches you everything you need to know. Teaches you all about the body language of attraction learning the nonverbal cues that show a woman's attraction to men. If you want to know how to tell if a girl likes you watch this video series all the way through. Included in it are videos on body language guidelines, preens, submissive signals, arousal signals, eye contact, pick up process, and many other things that will help you tell if a girl likes you.

The 30 days of attraction series gives a list of ioi's (indicators of interest) or a list of signs of attraction in video form with examples so that guys have a way to read a woman's attraction.


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Science of Natural Game is about helping guys improve their lives, particularly in romance but begins with self-improvement and extends to your dating life. Poeticlyskuac (Vic) is a moderator and well-known contributor on a pick up artist forum. He is known for his contributions in the pick up world for body language, simplifying and making body language easy to understand. His expertise do extend to inner game (self-esteem, self-confidence, self-limiting beliefs), women (or what we know about them ;), attraction, sex, sexual tension, as well as the overall process of simply getting women. This channel teaches you how to get women, how to improve your life, and how to love your life, through education and self-improvement.

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Enjoy guys!

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