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Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 13 - Find the Tower Part 1





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Published on Aug 24, 2012

Someone has stolen the tower of pimps! Geoff, Gavin, Michael, Ray and Jack go on a quest to retrieve it.Find the Tower Part 2:

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Flying Jellyfish
FIND THE TOWER X Everyone's current Tower of Pimps wins would be removed from their existent or non-existent victory rooms, so there would be around 100+ Golden Towers (and possible fake golden towers) scattered around Achievement City. In order to declare a winner, one of them has to find all of their victory tower (Putting Jack, Michael and Ryan at a disadvantage since they have the most wins, and Gavin at an advantage, since he has the least wins). Each tower will be labeled by a sign which consists the name of the Let's Play, and whoever won on that Let's Play is the only one who can retrieve the tower. The gents and the lads will be given a victory list in real life, and they can cross out the respective item whenever they find the respective victory tower. A winner is declared when one of them retrieves every single victory tower they have. Since we have the Let's Build Team right now, they can scatter the towers so Geoff can compete. And they can SPECTATE the gents and lads to make sure everyone is taking their towers and not their competitors' towers. Yes? No? .___.
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Ben Hoffman
No he's gonna come back for this Minecraft Let's Play
DMHN Spacell
Flying Jellyfish So, Ray is wiped from existence?
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Paul B
"Jack's got an asshole like a clown's pocket." Definitely one of the funniest lines I've ever heard in my life.
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Matthew Lawson
About 9:20
Time of video?
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+LunarBrony Who?
Shelby Yuki
+LunarBrony <------- For your daily dose of puerto recan bastard
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Bob Jones
Lets play 169 brought me here again :D
Freelancer Emma
Very interesting Mr. Drop Bear
josh Peterson
Jeff Koch
This was the episode that got me hooked on these guys. Ah the nostalgia! :)
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The Gaming Geek
the episode that hooked me up was minecraft letsplay 1
Sam Maluth
+HuntSD Mari0 was pretty good
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Maybe Ray likes roses, Maybe it's the pool of blood That Michael will lay in When the creepers and Gav slay him. His dying eyes Are red and filled with rage And now he knows the cost of trusting Gav's obliteration. Windows will shatter Crushed by the weight of the dirt. The Tower collapsed In Shaaame! There'll be no bed. There'll be no goal. There'll be no player in the end Who will win the gold. And in the end The Creepers crawl! The shining light will sink in Cow bones No victory for Michael Jones Misery and pain for all. When It FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLS.
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Zexion Cornejo
WILLIAM PRICE I didn't know that I needed this until I read it
King Ryan 117
WILLIAM PRICE That was good
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Ahh... Back in the day when Ryan was James, and not a fucking sociopath. Nah, I prefer the new Ryan. 
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Flin Fake
+ZedPlayz Emoticons and acronyms are associated with femininity, think drawing hearts over "i"s or texting. That or your gender was indiscriminate and they didn't want to assume you were a man. Knowing is half the battle and we're in a war son! qB ' [
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Modern Spartan
I have to say, that was a flawless kill on Gavin's part.  Michael didn't even get one hit on him due to the element of surprise. kudos Gavin.
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Nero Angelo
+mc94mc94 Nope. Mark Nutt is immortal. 
Mark Nutt is dead...
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You Know what really amazes me that Geoff made all this towers with out creative mode meaning he found all that Gold, Diamond, Lapiz, Wool, and other things and traveled all around the map....Thats just wow 
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Well they made Achievement City and Wipeout without Creative mode too
Sline Games
oh ok thanks for clarifying +EoRdE6 
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shadster koala
Two things, I had a dream last night that Ray came back for episode 200, re watching old lets plays make me realise how much I miss him in videos Secondly, achievement city looks so bare
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+BaconPizzaXD that's the joke, do ya get it?
Leviathan SA
+BaconPizzaXD Must be a new AH viewer
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