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Fallen Over Board __Chapter25 (Part One)





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Uploaded on Jul 3, 2010

Previous chapters are on Jonasbrothersrock001.

After the storm ended, they took Sam back to the medical room where she came to. Nick never left her side. He didn't talk to her about his feelings about her though.

The cruise was supposed to be relaxing, for her to move on from her ex. It was everything but. But thanks to Nick, she was over her ex now... After some painkillers for her throbbing headache. She told everyone that she would be getting off on the next stop and not getting back on. Her mom would be staying behind because she had a thing for the ice cream man, and Sam was fine with that.

At the loading docks;

Sam: Goodbye Sarah. (she smiled at the one good friend she's had)
Sarah: (crying) Goodbye. (hugs her)
Sam: Goodbye Captain... Joe... Kevin... (giving each one a hug and stands in front of Nick, she looks at him a moment and hugs him and kisses his cheek) I'll never forget you guys. And who knows maybe I'll be back someday. (she bit her bottom lip and walked off the ship with her luggage and attempted to wave back at them)

They all started walking away;

Sarah: So you just going to let her leave like that?
Nick: What else could I have done? If she wants to leave, I'm going to let her leave. Not beg her to stay in a place she doesn't want to be. (walks up to the captains look out without giving her a chance to say anymore to him)

He was crushed by her leaving. He hated himself that he put off telling her how he felt. If she ever did come back, it would be one of the first things out of his mouth.

A few years later...

Sam: (comes on board and walks to the ice cream place on the back of the ship) Can I have some vanilla and caramel and another bowl for an old friend with vanilla and peanut butter?
Sarah: (she writes it down) Sure coming right up-- Sam?!
Sam: (smiling) Thats me.
Sarah: You look wonderful! Does he know your here?
Sam: He who?
Sarah: (looks at her)
Sam: Just kidding, No I don't think so...
Sarah: (looks behind her) Tell the captain we have a code purple and pink poke-a-dot in the ball room. (looks back at Sam with an innocent smile)
Sam: Huh??
Sarah: Dont ask. Joe came up with the name.
J: (yells at them from behind the counter) And they are cooler than normal codes!
Sam:(laughs) Oh... so is the code serious? Should I be worried, we both know what happened last time. (points to her head)
Sarah: Oh no nothing to worry about.
Sam: Oh ok, good... So you make the ice cream now?
Sarah: Yeah, but its hard. Joe likes to sample a lot...
Sam: (laughs again) What about Candace? She still here?
Sarah: She lives in Hawaii with David. They got married there a few months ago, actually.
Sam: Wow. Congrats to them.

They enjoy the ice cream to together and then Sarah had to get back to work and Sam took a stroll around, where she bumped into Kevin and he walked around with her a little and talked her into seeing the newly renovated captain's lookout. When she entered she saw Nick standing there with a smile and his hands behind his back like people do in the army or navy, standing straight at attention. Kevin left them be alone, fully aware of what the 'purple and pink poke-a-dot in the ballroom' code meant.

It was awkward for a few moments as he just looked at her. So looked more beautiful than she did years ago. She spoke to try to break the ice.

Sam: So, what do you do up here?
Nick: (he snapped out of his trans) Oh, uhm, I control the lights and every decorated thing on here. Events and everything.
Sam: Thats cool... (she nodded and looked around, realizing it wasn't new renovated, everything was about the same, maybe new chairs but that would be customary)
Nick: Did I tell you I'm also the captain too? (trying to impress her)
Sam: Cool... No one is willing to tell me what code purple poke-a-dot in the ball room is, can you tell me?
Nick: I can do better, I can show you. Come up here when its dark after dinner and you can see for yourself...
Sam: Ok? (she didn't understand why she had to wait to find out, why couldn't he just tell her now)

Part two will be out soon!


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